The government suspends cashback, but there are those who continue

The government suspends cashback, but there are those who continue

The government suspends cashback

Satispay launches a program reserved for new subscribers to the app for digital payments. Vodafone also has a cashback plan for its customers

A payment by mobile phone via Satispay A reminder to savers who are "orphans" of state cashback, continuing with refunds at 10% on transactions for a maximum of 150 euros per end of the year, albeit with some different methods and without special initiatives (super cashback): this is the strategy of Satispay, which announces a program reserved for new members. "Cashback works, insofar as it helps to experiment with new payment methods, and shifts habits especially for those who have to count on spending," observes the CEO of the digital payments startup, Alberto Dalmasso. And he adds: "Well, our users are 1.8 million, but the members of the state cashback were in total 9 million: we want to give this group of people the opportunity to renew the benefits of the program, joining Satispay with the code 'cashback' promo by July ".

The program focuses on small payments and the maximum reimbursement per transaction recognized by fintech will be equal to 2 euros, even for spending amounts exceeding 20 euros. You can accumulate a maximum of 25 euros in reimbursements for each month between July and December. In the first six months of 2021, meanwhile, the company has already exceeded the total of transactions handled throughout 2020, 25 million in physical stores (+ 210% year on year) for a volume of approximately 340 million euros (+ 127% ). "We expect to approach one billion euros by the end of the year, we should manage another 35 million transactions", observes Dalmasso who sets the goal: "To exceed three million active customers within the next 12 months". In June, there were 160,000 affiliated stores throughout Italy (+ 35% year on year).

But this is not the only company initiative in this sense. Vodafone, for example, has launched an initiative that allows customers enrolled in the free Vodafone Happy program (or with the Happy Black or Happy Black Limited Edition paid service active) to accumulate Happy Cashbacks, credits that can be accumulated in the My Vodafone app, with which be able to request top-ups for free. With Happy Shop, for example, up to 15% of the online shopping at some online stores is recognized. As part of the Happy Friday and Happy black programs, 1 and 2 euros are recognized for each code used, always on the Happy Cashback account.

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