Tablet pen: which one to choose for drawing or writing

Tablet pen: which one to choose for drawing or writing

Tablet pen

Five solutions for all budgets and all needs

(Photo: Wacom) The tablet pen is an ideal tool for drawing, writing, taking notes and editing documents on the fly and in a more precise and natural way than to the fingertip. What are the models to focus on in 2021 both for Android devices and for the various Apple iPads, but also for Windows 10. We have chosen five solutions of various styles and budgets.

Staedtler Stylus Noris Digital Classic

(Photo: Staedtler) The iconic Staedtler pencil, which everyone in life has used, yes also comes in a form designed specifically for use on touchscreen displays. The Staedtler Stylus Noris Digital Classic model, with its unmistakable black and yellow bands, has obvious advantages and limitations: it is in fact designed specifically for sketches and handwriting as with a normal pencil, but does not include battery since it is of type Emr. So if on the one hand it can work indefinitely and does not need a driver or app, on the other hand it cannot change stroke or mode (writing / erasing) since it has no buttons or battery, it uses magnetic resonance technology ( Wacom's patented Emr).

It is aimed at those who take a lot of notes and want to draw on the fly. The price is around 32 euros, here the offers on Amazon. It only works with Emr compatible tablets so no iPad.

The Friendly Swede

(Photo: The Friendly Swede) Curious name and proud Swedish origin clearly visible from the purchase package for the The Friendly Swede economic tablet pen, which comes with a set of four possible tips interchangeable with the precision one, the disc, the standard one and the interesting microfiber brush for digital paintings. It costs 25.99 euros on Amazon and is aimed at those looking for an economic and multipurpose model.

Studio Neat Cosmonaut

(Photo: Cosmonaut) Designed to reproduce the sensation of using a chalk on the blackboard, Cosmonaut by Studio Neat is among the most characteristic tablet pens due to its his chubby and thick appearance. Ideal for those who use large tablets - Android or iPad - during presentations or for those who want to draw simulating crayons, Cosmonaut is also very resistant and is not afraid of intensive use and not exactly delicate transport. It costs about 35 euros, here the offers on Amazon.

Adonit Note +

(Photo: Adonit) For those looking for an alternative to Apple Pencil (here the others) Adonit Note + can be used with all iPads from the standard ones to the Air, Mini and Pro models by putting on the plate the technology that recognizes and ignores contact with the palm of the hand (palm reject). It guarantees 2048 levels of sensitivity, the shadow effect when used a little tilted and two shortcut keys for example to delete, undo, restore or other. It costs 87 euros, here are the offers on Amazon. A good alternative is Logitech Crayon, but it is more expensive.

Bamboo Ink Plus

(Photo: Bamboo) Bamboo Ink Plus is an active digital pen for drawing, sketching and writing that has therefore obtained certification for Windows 10 devices both for the Surface range and for other laptops and convertibles with the Microsoft operating system. It is able to detect 4096 pressure levels, recharges quickly via USB and includes interchangeable tips in the package. It costs about 90 euros, here the offers on Amazon.

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