Rain of billions over Italy, but the first step is the Internet connection

Rain of billions over Italy, but the first step is the Internet connection

Rain of billions over Italy

With the departure of the PNRR, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, approximately 35 billion will arrive in Italy in a very short time, destined for the restart of the country after the abrupt halt of the pandemic. How this money will be used has not yet been established in detail and it is likely that a part will be distributed to companies as a grant. There is talk of vouchers from 500 to 2,000 euros for companies that intend to complete an IT modernization, but the conditions are still to be established.

What is already known, however, is that most funds will be allocated to infrastructural works designed to improve the competitiveness of Italian companies. Perhaps the most important of these works will be the one that plans to bring ultra-broadband Internet throughout the country by 2026.

As we are often used to seeing when it comes to national initiatives, the the terminology used is already a little out of date. In fact, by “ultra-broadband” we mean an internet connection at 30 Mbps in download. Given that fiber offers for home users have now reached 2.5Gbps, it is understood that the term is perhaps a bit unsuitable, but 30 Mbps for rural areas is already a huge leap forward compared to the current situation and will allow many companies to start those business digitization processes that represent the real added value for those who have to face the challenges of the markets in the coming years.

Soon, therefore, the time will come to face the great change, but What do companies need to do to get ready and use incoming funds well? First, they have to ask themselves three questions:

What processes can I digitize? What do I need from an IT point of view? How should I structure the network? In fact, business digitization is not an equal operation for everyone: each company has its own peculiarities and a lot depends on the sector of intervention. If you have a pig farm to produce sausages, for example, it is unthinkable that all those operations in which the staff take care of the animals will fail. But these operations can, and must, be accompanied by an IT support to make them faster, more effective and certifiable.

So what do you need from an IT point of view? The first thing is, trivial as it may seem, an Internet connection. And if the "public" part, that is the part managed by the connectivity operators, is a bit the same for everyone, the private part that starts from the first device connected to the wall plate with the plug makes the difference between a network that allows you to enjoy of the advantages of digitization and a network that cuts the wings of our company.

The first step is already fundamental: each operator, in fact, proposes his own router model for sale or loan for use with the connection provision. But these devices are designed to give as little headache as possible to the manager who has to provide mostly household utilities. Those who have a company have very specific needs that must be covered with more advanced modems and routers.

To take the example above, if we have a pig farm, with all Probably we will have to manage via Wi-Fi a whole series of objects such as gates for the flow of animals, conveyor belts for feed, control cameras and so on. An "operator" router does not allow you to do this efficiently. An AVM router, on the other hand, provides all those functions that make it easy to manage external devices, above all ensuring their reliability over time. Another typical example of powerful connections that can be affected by unsuitable modems or routers is that of hotels, hostels or apartments for rent through platforms such as Air 'n' Bnb.

In these cases, users on the Wi -Fi become many and scattered over the entire available surface. A modem or router that does not guarantee effective Internet coverage irreparably leads to lower scores in user feedback, reducing the number and frequency of future bookings. With AVM, a mesh extender is enough to make the user experience always perfect and to position itself at the top of the list of results among the recommended hotels.

Finally, since the one located downstream of the connectivity plug Internet is part of the private network and must be managed by the company, it is important to have devices with extensive documentation and direct support from the manufacturer that can allow an installation of the solution that will not give problems in the future. AVM guarantees training and a solid base of certified resellers who, thanks to a dedicated portal, always have all the information necessary to complete the installations in the best possible way.

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