Pressure washers | The best of June 2021

Pressure washers | The best of June 2021

Spring establishes, in addition to the arrival of beautiful days and heat, the need to clean all those spaces left at the mercy of the wind and rain during the winter season. To speed up the cleaning of the garden as much as possible, it is therefore essential to have one of the best pressure washers on the market, which allows you to remove even stubborn dirt on all surfaces.

The pressure washer is a particular device that, thanks to a jet of water is able to eliminate stubborn dirt on all solid surfaces such as tiles, car bumpers and swimming pools. There are many solutions on the market, but only a few meet high standards of quality and performance. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a product that effectively meets both your needs (respecting what you have) and the so-called "value for money" (essential when you have to choose a product). In this guide, therefore, we will go to see the best products of the moment.

Editor's note: we have updated the aforementioned article to July 7, 2021 with a new addition to the review! Happy reading and happy shopping!

The best pressure washers

AR Blue Clean e-1400 Kärcher K2 Stanley SXPW22E Black + Decker BXPW2000PE Bosch Home and Garden 06008A7B00 Kärcher K5 Kärcher K7

AR Blue Clean e-1400

The AR Blue Clean e-1400 is a cold water pressure washer ideal for occasional cleaning of dirt present on external domestic surfaces such as gates, garden furniture and bicycles. Inside the package there are six accessories that should not be underestimated (gun, high pressure hose, lance extension, lance with rotating jet, lance with adjustable jet and foam kit) that can be hooked up in a practical and quick way. This product also boasts a high pressure turbo, easy to manage even at maximum power. The water inlet boasts an inspectable filter that traps impurities and ensures proper functioning of the water jet. If you are interested in this product, you can buy it for around 100 euros.

Kärcher K2

As a second product from this buying guide, we recommend you to buy the Kärcher K2 pressure washer. This is a solution that can be purchased for about 100 euros that boasts a series of specifications that should not be underestimated. It is able to guarantee water jets with a pressure of up to 110 bar, with a flow rate of up to 360 l / h and a yield per area of ​​20 m² / h. This pressure washer has a flexible hose for the suction of detergents, which allows you to clean not only surfaces but also bicycles and scooters. In addition to the pressure washer, the package also contains a G 120 Q gun, a Vario Power Click lance, a dirt-eating nozzle and a 5-meter pressure hose.

Stanley SXPW22E

The Stanley SXPW22E is a pressure washer with excellent technical specifications, available at the right price. It is an article that works cold with which it is possible to thoroughly clean different types of surfaces outside the house such as terraces, stairs and paths. It has a sturdy frame and is combined with a series of secondary accessories, useful for taking care of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, outdoor furniture and garden tools! To operate its motor it is necessary to connect it to an electrical outlet and, using a simple garden hose, to the water supply.

Black + Decker BXPW2000PE

The Black + Decker BXPW2000PE is a pressure washer with excellent technical characteristics, and is the ideal solution for cleaning stubborn dirt present on external domestic surfaces such as gates, benches, garden furniture and tools, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, stairs and swimming pools. Under the hood there is an engine capable of generating a pressure of 140 bar with a maximum flow rate of 440 l / h. Also included are 8 hook-up accessories and a convenient hose reel integrated with the locking system. In short, it is a practically complete product, available for around 150 euros.

Bosch Home and Garden 06008A7B00

Bosch , one of the most important companies in the DIY world, has designed the new range of AQT pressure washers to allow all enthusiasts to easily clean surfaces, objects and tools. Among the many products belonging to this range, we advise you to purchase the Bosch Home and Garden 06008A7B00, it is a product equipped with a powerful 1700 watt motor, capable of delivering a maximum pressure of 130 bar. In addition, this pressure washer ensures a maximum operating pressure of 380 l / h with a maximum supply temperature of 40 ° C. Inside the package there is a new Bosch gun, a standard lance, a new 3-in-1 nozzle and a high-pressure cleaning nozzle. All for only 160 euros.

Kärcher K5

The Kärcher K5 pressure washer is the penultimate product of this particular Buying Guide. It is an excellent solution for cleaning and disinfecting any external surface such as floors, glass, shutters and garden furniture. It boasts a new generation gun, called Full Control, which allows you to control the power and pressure of the jet during its operation. The equipment includes a high pressure gun, a Vario Power full control lance, a full control dirt-eating nozzle, an 8-meter high pressure hose and a Plug'n'Clean system for applying the detergent. Its selling price is around 350 euros.

Kärcher K7

The Kärcher K7 pressure washer is not a traditional product, in fact we can define it as one of the first smart high pressure washers. By connecting this machine to the machine, via Bluetooth connectivity, you can control it or access personalized cleaning recommendations. Instead, as far as its potential is concerned, we are faced with a machine capable of delivering a pressure up to 180 bar, while with the boost mode it reaches 195 bar. Then, it boasts a yield per area of ​​60 m² / h with a supply temperature of up to 40 degrees. It is therefore a powerful solution for the effective cleaning of vehicles, garden tools, balcony furniture and much more.

How to choose the best pressure washers

After having a look at all the best pressure washers on the market (at this historical moment), it is only right to explain the selection process for these products. Therefore, below we will explain the characteristics to look for in a pressure washer:

Specifications (power and energy consumption) Quality / price ratio Initial equipment of accessories


By specifications we mean the quality of each component present in a modern pressure washer. Based on the power of the engine and therefore the pressure of the water jet, you have to choose the one that allows you to work very well without consuming too much electricity.

Quality / price ratio

Taking up what has been said in the previous paragraph, not only do you need to find a product that guarantees efficient energy consumption, but you also need to buy a pressure washer that is balanced in terms of expressed quality and selling price.

Initial set of accessories

accessories are practically indispensable nowadays because they allow you to save a few tens of euros. Of course, more specific accessories are not included in the sales package.

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