PNY, these new SSDs were designed for Chia plotting

PNY, these new SSDs were designed for Chia plotting


PNY unveiled its new family of LX SSDs designed specifically for write-intensive workloads, such as Chia plotting and farming. LX Series drives offer up to 54,000 terabyte written (TBW) life thanks to Phison's proprietary LifeXtension technology.

Credit: Phison PNY's LX family includes three models available in the M.2 2280 form factor: the entry-level LX2030 2TB, the midrange LX3030 1TB and the flagship LX3030 2TB. The drives feature a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface and are rated for sequential read speeds of up to 3,200MB / s and sequential write speeds of 2,400MB / s (LX3030) or 1,000MB / s (LX2030). This is certainly not exceptional data in this area, but the products have been specifically designed to provide rather exceptional durability.

Jonmichael Hands, VP Storage Business Development at Chia, said:

I am very excited that PNY has partnered with Phison to provide the first SSD for Chia plotting. LX3030 is perfect for Chia plotting, which requires constant high bandwidth. Users can rest easy knowing they won't easily consume the drive: the 1TB LX3030 can create 2PB of plots before giving in!

TBW Sequential Read Sequential Write LX2030 2TB 10.000 3200 MB / s 1000 MB / s LX3030 1TB 27.000 3200 MB / s 2400 MB / s LX3030 2TB 54.000 3200 MB / s 2400 MB / s PNY LX SSDs are based on a Phison controller equipped with LifeXtension technology (designed specifically for Chia plotting) and presumably are paired with 3D TLC NAND memories. Neither PNY nor Phison have revealed exactly how LifeXtension works, but it appears we are dealing with a compression technology designed specifically for Chia plots, which contain hashes. Support for two XPlot modes is also indicated: XPlot plain, designed to increase endurance by approximately 3x, and XPlot Pro, which promises to increase durability by up to 18x.

It is unclear whether LifeXtension's Phison can be used for other write-intensive workloads to improve the lifespan of PNY's LX-series SSDs, but the company specifically points out that these drives are designed for Chia plotting.

Credit: PNY PNY said LX series SSDs are available now, but did not disclose the recommended price. While Chia's ability to create nearly 500,000 k32 plots sounds quite interesting, memorizing such plots will be a costly undertaking. With Chia's farming profitability currently at around $ 2 per month for 1TB of storage, even with pooling, the long-term outlook doesn't look particularly promising.

The PNY Elite USB Portable SSD 3.1 480GB is currently on sale on Amazon at a discounted price.

PNY LX2030 and LX3030 M.2 NVMe Gen3 x4 Solid State Drives: More Endurance for the Chia(R) Plotting Needs

HSINCHU, July 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- PNY announced today the launch of the LX2030 and LX3030 line of ultra high endurance SSDs to the company's assortment of solid-state drives. The new LX families of SSDs offer ever higher levels of endurance designed for 'proof of space and time' applications like Chia (XCH) Plotting. 

PNY LX2030 and LX3030 M.2 NVMe Gen3 x4 Solid State Drives, the ideal solution for “proof of space and time” applications like plotting Chia Coin.

Designed for PlottingThe PNY LX2030 and LX3030 M.2 NVMe SSDs are the ideal solution for 'proof of space and time' applications like plotting Chia Coin. To secure the blockchain, the data needs to be first created in a process called 'plotting', which is only required once per plot file. This process is write intensive, so a desirable SSD for plotting has high sustained write bandwidth and endurance (TBW, or terabytes written). Typically this level of write performance and endurance was only seen on enterprise class SSDs.

Lifextension TechnologyThe PNY family of LX drives take advantage of Lifextension technology to offer a Chia Plotting TBW rating of up to 54,000 in the LX3030 2TB. To deliver such a high Plotting TBW, the LX series of PNY SSDs utilize an advanced AI Engine, LDPC and Flash I/F to improve NAND endurance, making them the best unit cost for plotting. Without sacrifice, you are able to take full advantage of Lifextension technology and the up to 18X better endurance by adding an LX drive to the system.

Statement From CHIA Team'I'm very excited that PNY has partnered with Phison to deliver the first SSD for Chia plotting. The LX3030 is tuned for the Chia plotting workload, which requires a high amount of sustained bandwidth. Users can be at ease knowing they won't wear out the drive easily - the LX3030 1TB can create 2PB of plots before wearing out. All of this is in an M.2 80mm form factor for broad compatibility. The entry LX2030 will be great for small form factor systems and 4-6 core desktops and laptops, like the NUC build,' saidJonmichael Hands, VP Storage Business Development at Chia.

LX SSD Product Specification 

  • Chia Plotting TBW:
  • LX3030 2TB: 54,000
  • LX3030 1TB: 27,000
  • LX2030 2TB: 10,000
  • Chia Plotting Read and Write Performance
  • LX3030 - Read: 3,200MB/s & Write: 2,400MB/s
  • LX2030 - Read: 3,200MB/s & Write: 1,000MB/s
  • Form Factor: M.2 2280
  • Product AvailabilityPNY LX2030 and LX3030 M.2 NVMe Gen3 x4 SSDs are available immediately; Contact a PNY account manager for details or through

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