Pepsi will cut the sugar in its sodas by 25%

Pepsi will cut the sugar in its sodas by 25%

PepsiCo is committed to reducing sugar in its flagship products by 25% by 2025 and by 50% by 2030. And focuses on healthy snacks

Pepsi (photo: Pexels) In PepsiCo group drinks, within three years, there will be less sugar. The beverage and snack giant has pledged to reduce the average level of added sugars to its drinks (including Pepsi-Cola, Lipton Ice Tea and 7UP) by 25% by 2025 and by 50% by 2030. In general, the goal is to introduce new products with healthier profiles to the European market or to update existing ones with this in mind.

In particular, the company, which is known above all for cans and bottles, is focusing on a lot on healthy snacks, considered a growing market. By 2030 they could be worth a billion dollars in the brand's portfolio, which has been offering versions of its drinks without sugar for years. According to the company, on the environmental sustainability front, the transition from a traditional drink to its zero equivalent allows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to a quarter.

The fact of starting this campaign from Europe is obviously not accidental. In the Old Continent, sensitivity on the issue is high, as demonstrated by the recent decision by Great Britain (which, ok, Europe is no longer in fact) to ban junk food commercials before 9pm by 2023. "Consumers they want healthier, more sustainable brands and they want products that taste great, ”Garrett Quigley of PepsiCo told FoodIngredientsFirst. “In Europe we have accelerated the transition to sugar-free over the past 10 years and now nearly one in three drinks we sell is sugar-free. It all started originally in the UK, when we made the bold decision in 2006 to only advertise sugar-free cola. All our advertising money since then has gone to Pepsi Max ”.

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