Loki: Chris Hemsworth was also there in episode 5

Loki: Chris Hemsworth was also there in episode 5


Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor Chris Hemsworth participated in some way in the latest episode of Disney + 's Loki series. Are you curious to find out what it is?

Loki and the mysterious presence of Chris Hemsworth

Director Kate Herron has confirmed the presence, in the most recent episode of the live-action series Loki , by Chris hemsworth, the famous actor who has long been associated, in the minds of fans, with the film version of the character of Thor.

This was discussed during a discussion on the ForAllNerds podcast, of which a clip has been published on Instagram about it. Speaking of how pleased she was with the creative team's contributions to add little touches of style and humor to the fifth episode of the series, Herron said:

“And Throg, of course. We recorded Chris Hemsworth for that, by the way… it's a completely new recording. Not recycled. "

This confirms that the original voice of Thor in the frog version, also known as Throg, belongs to the actor who plays Thor in the MCU!

You can find the video clip below:

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The introduction of the amphibious incarnation of Thor was originally planned for the first episode of the series, but his scene was not included in that episode. The title of episode 5, Journey into Mystery, comes from the 1962 comic in which Thor first appears. In the episode, Throg is trapped underground in a sealed jar as Loki approaches the hiding place of his alternate selves.

Writer Eric Martin noted:

“Comic book fans will notice the Thunder Frog in that jar. We actually shot a scene for the Time Theater in Ep 1 where Loki is punched by Thor the frog, but we had to cut it. ”

Created by Michael Waldron and directed by Kate Herron, Loki stars by Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer, Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, Tara Strong as Miss Minutes, Eugene Cordero as Casey, Sasha Lane as Hunter C-20 and Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie, with Richard E. Grant and Jack Veal.

New episodes of Loki are available for preview every Wednesday on Disney +.

Has ‘Loki’ Given Variant Loki A Way Back Into The Main MCU Timeline?



Obviously, like with any Disney Plus Marvel show, there are a lot of theories swirling around Loki and its future pertaining to the larger MCU. The most common ones include the idea that Loki is about to drop the multiverse bomb, destroying the sacred timeline, which isn’t so sacred and possibly kind of evil, and expose the figure behind it, which may be time-traveling villain Kang, another (pretty well-evidenced) theory.


But there’s something else I keep hearing come up after last week, that Loki the show may be setting up a way for Loki the variant to survive “real” Loki’s death at the hands of Thanos, one of the most shocking moments of Endgame, and what at the time looked like a “permanent” casualty that couldn’t be undone (though we sort of got Vision back, and Black Widow just had her flashback solo film).

The idea is that Variant Loki has learned something from Classic Loki, played last week by Richard E. Grant. Different Lokis have different strengths. Sylvie can enchant, Classic Loki can create masterful illusions.

Classic Loki


Classic Loki regales Variant Loki with a tale about how he created an illusion of himself so convincing during the sequence where Thanos snapped his neck, that even the Titan himself was fooled. Then he went to live in exile for years, until the TVA caught him before he tried to get off the planet because he was lonely.

The idea is that once Loki is able to sort through this current mess and get back in the timeline, that he can now do the same thing. That he can go back and live through the “correct” events of Thor Ragnarok and make his way to that moment in endgame. There, he can fake his death the same way Classic Loki did, only this time, go on to keep living after Thanos is vanquished, given that there will be no TVA to hunt him down anymore.

This is different than the theory that “main timeline Loki” is Classic Loki and that Loki never died, which I don’t believe is true, given that his TVA file ended the moment Thanos snapped his neck. But it’s related, and I believe it’s possible Variant Loki could be inspired by this plan to return to the main timeline and appear in future MCU offerings besides his own show.

That is sort of the catch, however. Loki has already been greenlit for a second season, so this does not seem like something that would happen in next week’s finale. There may be post-Thanos Loki content to come, but I’d be surprised if that’s what season 2 entailed, and we saw this unfold next week. It just doesn’t seem very likely that’s where the finale is heading. Maybe the whole series could end like that, but we’ll have to see.


Of course, this could go a completely different way. With no TVA and no need for a sacred timeline once the multiverse is unleashed, Loki could simply…hop back into the timeline, go hang out with his brother, do whatever he wanted, without going to all the trouble of faking his death in that exact moment. The implications of everyone being “free” from their destiny if the TVA falls is pretty vast, and I’m not sure we can comprehend how that’s going to play out yet. And who knows, the TVA may not fall in a single episode next week, it may take another season at least for that to happen.

More to come, we’ll know how this shakes out by Wednesday.

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