Loki: all variants of the God of Deception

Loki: all variants of the God of Deception


Journey into Mystery, the penultimate episode of Loki, allowed viewers to familiarize themselves with some of the versions of the God of Deception featured in the Disney + series of the same name. If having to manage only one Loki already seems complicated, exploiting the presence of the multiverse, the authors of the series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have seen fit to show us different variants of the Asgardian god, exploiting the mission of the Time Variance Authority: to protect the Sacred Timeline from shrapnel crazy that jeopardize their safety. Although he mainly saw two versions of the God of Deception in action, several variants were mentioned within the episodes of Loki.


Marked as L1130, he is the protagonist Loki of the series. Its being a variant derives from one of the scenes seen in Avengers: Endgame, when the outcome of the clash between the Avengers and the Chitauri army led by Loki during the Battle of New York is unwittingly rewritten by Tony Stark and Captain America. in the first Avengers. This version of Loki, therefore, did not witness the subsequent events of Thor: Dark World and Thor Ragnarok, even escaping death, which occurred at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.


Known on TVA as L0852, Sylvie is the alleged villain of the first episodes of Loki. the Fugitive Variant, a threat for which Mobius M. Mobius decides to use Loki (L1130) as a hound to hunt her down. Subsequent events have shown another truth, leading us to see Sylvie in a new light, which makes her less treacherous than she had been presented by the Time Variance Authority. Her powers differ from those of Loki, making her able to manipulate the mind of others by exploiting their memories, a capacity that, together with her name, has led to identifying her with the Enchantress.

Loki the Worthy

Seeing a variant of Loki wielding a hammer is certainly a surprise, but what appears to be Loki the Worthy could also be Loki the Boastful. Known along with other variants of Loki at the end of The Nexus Event, this God of Deception claims to have defeated Captain America and Iron Man by conquering the Infinity Stones, but his words are questioned by the other Loki, thus leaving us the doubt about what was the event that made it a dangerous variant for TVA.

Loki Alligator

When this God of Deception as reptilian version appeared in the finale of the fourth episode of the series, immediately garnered the affection of viewers. Despite a far from tender appearance, Loki Alligator aroused sympathy, but in Mystery Journey he proved to be a dangerous rival, as discovered by the Loki President, who lost a hand to the little alligator. Apparently his fault, from what he learned in the fifth episode of Loki, is having lunch with the wrong neighbor's cat, a reason that could hide some reference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will be revealed in the latest episode of Loki. While not speaking, Loki Alligator seems to be able to make himself understood by Loki Child and Old Loki

Old Loki

An elderly version of Loki wearing the classic costume of the comic version of the God of Deception . Played by Richard E. Grant, this Loki became a variant when he managed to cheat death: returning to the opening scene of A vengers: Infinity War, we discover that Old Loki has created his own double on which the wrath of Thanos, while he stayed in the shadows and saved himself. An escape that forced him to live on a remote planet, until the loneliness and lack of his brother Thor forced him to leave his hermitage, but he was discovered by the TVA

Loki Bambino

Childhood version of the God of Deception, Child Loki is one of the characters who appears at the end of The Nexus Event. The variant nature of him stems from killing his brother Thor, a gesture that led him to be exiled to the prison planet where we find him with the other variants. Its appearance recalls that of the childhood version of Loki seen in recent comic runs, such as Loki: Agent of Asgard, a narrative cycle from which the sword that wields and gives to the Loki protagonist of the series could come, which recalls the Sword of the Hero to the center of research of the God of Deception told by Al Ewing.

Loki President

The most eclectic of the variants of Loki is the President, inspired by Vota Loki, a story in which the Asgardian to compete for the title of president of the United States. In the Disney + series, Loki Presidente still seems to have his glorious intentions, so much so that he has created an army with which to impose his dominion over the other variants

The Minor Loki

Not all variants of Loki have a prominent role within the series. In fact, in the first episode, when we witness the presentation of the concept of variant, we can see some interesting versions of the God of Deception. Staying true to his origins as Loki Laufeyson, heir to the throne of Jotunheim, we have Ice Giant Loki (L6792).

An unlikely Cyclist Loki (L1247) winner of the Tour de France

Loki Hulk (L6792)

Loki Viking (L7003)

Loki Kobold (8914)

The episodes of Loki

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