Hiroyuki Takei, author of Shaman King, launches a new manga

Hiroyuki Takei, author of Shaman King, launches a new manga

Hiroyuki Takei

Hiroyuki Takei, author of Shaman King, of which the Star Comics publishing house has published the Perfect Edition (recovered the series on Amazon) in 27 volumes, with tables revised and corrected by the author, new format, color pages and new dialogues with the true ending of the work, published in Japan by Kodansha, has launched a new manga.

The official website of Shogakukan's Monthly Coro Coro Comics magazine broke the news that revealed that Hiroyuki Takei is the artist Yūki Imada (Tengoku no Ragnarok) are collaborating on a new manga, titled Mini 4 King, whose first episode debuted in the August issue of the magazine. The story centers on a group of children competing in Laser Mini 4WD cars, of which Tamiya recently launched the model line.

Shaman King: between anime and manga

The reboot of Shaman King will arrive on Netflix on August 9, adaptation of the homonymous manga by Hiroyuki Takei in the full 35-volume version that Kondasha started publishing in print on June 17.

The reboot has started to be broadcast on April 1st 2021 in Japan, 52 episodes are planned and by clicking on our article you can watch the trailer in Italian!

Here is the synopsis:

Yoh Asakura is the descendant of an ancient family of shamans. From an early age he is able to see spirits and instead of ignoring them or being scared of them, he always tends to befriend us. His greatest desire is to live in peace. The story opens in Tokyo where he begins attending school with a boy named Manta whom he met in a cemetery. Manta will immediately become a great friend of him, so much so that he will reveal his ability as an intermediary with spirits. Yoh is in Tokyo to participate in the Shaman Fight, which is a tournament between shamans that takes place every 500 years to elect the Shaman King. The Shaman King is the messiah who every 500 years transforms the great destruction of this world into a great regeneration, joining the Great Spirit and becoming the most powerful shaman on earth. Ren Tao, also descendant of an ancient family of shamans, will be his greatest rival.

As for the manga, it was initially serialized on the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine between 1998 and 2004 and in 2008 the Perfect Edition was published in 27 volumes, which includes the true ending of the 'Opera. In 2017 the rights of the series passed to the Kodansha publishing house, which published a new complete edition in 35 volumes.

In Italy the series was published by Star Comics, first in the Dragon series from 3 June 2003 to September 4, 2006, in the original tankōbon format and later in the kanzenban format from November 3, 2010 to January 2, 2013 in a series called Shaman King Perfect Edition, of which many volumes are sold out. Now he is re-proposing the work also in the Final Edition of Kodansha.

Hiroyuki TAKEI (manga artist)

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