Guild Wars 2: New Expansion Has Been Postponed

Guild Wars 2: New Expansion Has Been Postponed

Guild Wars 2

Last year, ArenaNet announced that they were indefinitely postponing the Steam release of Guild Wars 2 to focus on their new expansion, End of Dragons. This should actually appear in 2021, but the studio has now stated in a blog post that they have to postpone the new expansion as well. The expansion is due to be released early in 2022:

"We have become aware of the progress in the development of the expansion and the real world challenges of the past year and a half that have changed the way we live and work that we need a little more time to implement our creative vision for Cantha. For this reason we are postponing the release of Guild Wars 2 (buy now € 39.95): End of Dragons from late 2021 to early 2022. "

In addition to the new expansion, ArenaNet is currently also working on an upgrade of their engine to DirectX 11. In a beta this year, players will have the opportunity to try this out for themselves:

"It is important to note here that upgrading to DX11 alone won't magically increase frame rates. Some gamers may not notice a difference at all. However, upgrading to DX11 opens many doors to performance improvement such as processor multithreading. It also paves the way for some potential players Graphics upgrades. "

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We should get a first look at the new expansion on July 27th as part of an End-Of-Dragons live stream.

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