Fortnite: how it opened new worlds for my brother

Fortnite: how it opened new worlds for my brother


My brother is 12 years old and, like many of his peers, "videogame for fashion": it's cool to do it and it's even cooler to be able to brag to others that you have obtained a particularly rare brawler from an open chest on Brawl Stars or that you have a particularly flashy skin on Fortnite.

"You are a" nabbo "if you don't have that particular onesie", he tells me when every now and then I try to investigate this "passion" which, I confess, in the family we hoped was a daughter of a passing fashion. Instead we are still here today, discussing with him when he spends hours on the beach opening brawl crates on a crate simulator (which, frankly, I didn't know existed) or how much he can't think of using his savings for to be able to have a different outfit on Epic Games battle royale or different paint on Rocket League.

There is also too much discussion about the possibility of being able to introduce a PlayStation 5 at home to be used exclusively to play games with friends above, a discussion that invariably ends with a 1-0 for my parents. Rightly so.

But looking closer, this passion for Fortnite could open new worlds to my brother and not be a whim for its own sake.

LeBron James also arrives on the battle royale There is a "but" in fact, and it is one of those "but" that I never thought I could pull out of a discussion of this kind: Fortnite has helped, and is helping, my little brother to grow in a very particular way under the cultural profile and passions. You see, a title like this, which has its aesthetic roots in the most disparate nuances of pop culture, cannot help but give rise to curiosities in the soul of the gamer collector of skins and the like. Those curiosities, which become questions, begin to find answer in comics, anime, manga, movies and so on.

Is this the key aspect that my parents and I were missing in order to fully understand and accept the videogame path that my little brother was taking? We have never hidden from him, first of all, our disapproval of a way of playing strongly focused on getting cursed aesthetic trappings instead of enjoying the rest of the game elements, it's true.

Yet today, at home , in my brother's library there are numerous Marvel books, some DC books and the first 4 issues of Punto Zero, the cross-over between Batman and Fortnite. Not only that, from the purchase of these comics he arrived on the shelves with manga bringing home some numbers of My Hero Academia which in turn led him to discover the immense world of anime by entering the related titles of the same on Netflix. books like Punto Zero arrived in the house only and exclusively to compete in the competition for the most beautiful skin (at the end of each comic there is a code to redeem exclusive aesthetic elements) it is also true that everything else arrived without particular ulterior motives: the After all, Epic's battle royale hosts very often super-hero themed events (think of the old event that featured Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet) and has a good number of skins related to the Marvel universe (i showed his Thor with incredible pride), the next step would have been, in fact, very short.

I almost regret not getting there sooner: Fortnite is, to all intents and purposes, a door s ul world for all those kids who spend tens of hours (and pocket money) that can open up on practically everything, from the most banal discovery of a new singer to the discovery of an entire narrative vein that you can follow and fall in love with. br>
The Epic Games game is a portal to new worlds It's hard to admit but without this game today my brother wouldn't ask me about Miles Morales or how many seasons of My Hero Academia exist in Japan or maybe, more simply, it is another "key" to these little doors and I am just a "boomer" who has never understood how times have changed.

I am unable to tell if this change is either positive or negative despite, like every child of their generation, I often try (too often) to estrange myself from this particular world of his without even trying to peek inside it.

I also cannot deny the 'high degree of co involvement that assailed me when I came into contact with that universe through other media with an exquisitely reverse process: if my little brother used Fortnite as a bridge to immerse himself in a completely different narrative, I crossed those same bridges to the opposite to open a door to the island where, every day, my brother seeks a real victory.

This dynamic overwhelms us both, if reading Punto Zero I am not able to fully understand the whole aspect playful of Fortnite completely ignoring every too deep quote to the battle royale of Epic Games (elements ranging from simple skins to real gameplay dynamics), on the other hand he needs me to be able to embrace the narrative of the Dark Knight (from relationship with Catwoman to the character of Snake Eyes with which she finds herself fighting).

The cover of Fortnite Zero Point Difficult not to fade to be, or even just to approach, a universe of such magnitude and such scope, especially when a title like Fortnite is able to offer such important and impressive cultural insights.

One thing, however, is sure: thanks to Fortnite my brother opened up to the world and thanks to my brother I opened up to Fortnite.

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