FIFA 22: This game is an absolute cheek!

FIFA 22: This game is an absolute cheek!


It has only been almost a month since I declared in another column: Since I stopped playing FIFA, I am much more relaxed! Now the creators of EA Sports have published a first trailer for the new part of their soccer simulation and I just can't help but get excited again.

What kind of underground revelation was that? What the makers showed last Sunday in their almost two-minute promotional video can only be described as cheek. As an absolute insult to the customer, who is once again being sold for completely stupid.

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Sounds great, doesn't say anything

FIFA 22: Why the release trailer for EA Kickers pissed me off again! (4) Source: Electronic Arts Let's start with the content of the official reveal trailer - if you can even call it that. Because there was of course no actual gameplay to be seen here. Instead, we were presented with a few render sequences, at least in-engine, which were then mixed up with a couple of shaky real film recordings. And then of course a lot of meaningless buzzwords. The latest of these: Hypermotion Technology. Sounds great, innovative and like a real game changer. Of course, the developers did not reveal what exactly was behind it.

So at the end of the trailer I just sat there and felt just as smart as before. Real insights could not be drawn from the video. Do players move differently now? Will the game run more smoothly in the future? To be honest: I don't know. EA apparently does not want to reveal that at all. The main thing is: what is shown looks as impressive as possible and arouses the desire to pre-order three copies.


If you really want to know more, take a look at the website of FIFA 22 (buy now € 59.99 / € 53.99). But it's also better not to be too precise, or his pulse will go through the roof again. Because here, too, you just roll over yourself with empty phrases. The latest EA kicker supposedly delivers "a completely new gaming experience" and "revolutionary soccer gameplay". This year everything is "groundbreakingly" different - just like in recent years. Yes, well and good. FIFA 22 now looks even smarter and smoother thanks to a new type of motion capture. But the animations have never really been the problem in the past. It was more the servers, the inconsistent gameplay or the poorly balanced game mechanics. EA only reveals to what extent they have been worked on in a few subordinate clauses: the AI ​​is now even more tactical, duels have been optimized and intensified, ball control will be more natural and seamless in future.

Sounds familiar? That could be because what EA is promoting here could just as well be the promotional text for FIFA 21. As a reminder: Back then, agile dribbling promised a more responsive and closer ball control. A natural collision system made for smoother player interactions, the positioning personality for even greater game intelligence. When it comes to modes, too, EA is back on the track of "making new out of old". In career mode, you can now create your own club and use it to stir up the international football business. Once again. Because the possibility existed in earlier games in the series. From FIFA 11 to FIFA 15, you were able to assemble your own teams with individual crests and jerseys in the Creation Center. They were even allowed to be shared with the global community! Another feature that has just been canceled and is now being resold as a groundbreaking upgrade.

FIFA 22: Why the release trailer of the EA kicker makes me angry again! (5) Source: Electronic Arts

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There is no upgrade

Speaking of upgrade: EA Sports has allowed itself perhaps the greatest audacity here. Anyone who hopes for improvements such as Hypermotion and Co. on the computer looks stupid into the tube. After the Origin version of FIFA 21 did not receive a next-gen patch, supposedly in order to keep the system requirements as low as possible, PC gamers are now only being served the old-gen version again. An absolutely incomprehensible decision, after all, a decent computer should always be able to keep up with the new generation of consoles. The fact that the best possible version of FIFA 22 then runs on Google Stadia, a platform that is more dead than alive, tops the whole thing off.

FIFA 22: Why me the release trailer of the EA Kickers pissed off again! (3) Source: EA Sports Yes, and then we still haven't talked about the paid next-gen upgrade for the consoles! Because here, too, EA Sports shows itself again from its worst side. If you want to get started on the PS4 or Xbox One in the fall and then switch to the PS5 or Series X later, you will be asked to pay for it this year. Electronic Arts have revised their Dual Entitlement Program, that is, their "both-version entitlement". In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or FIFA 21, it was still included in the price of the standard edition for free. Now a whopping 30 euros are due! You can only upgrade the Ultimate Edition. And that strikes at 100 instead of the normal 70 euros! There is also four days of early access, 4600 FIFA Points and a few additional player items for FIFA Ultimate Team. In any case, Electronic Arts' business practices remain bold. The aim here is obviously to encourage people to spend as much money as possible. And this despite the fact that annual sales in the billions are already made with microtransactions alone!

In short: With FIFA 22 EA has reached a new low point in my eyes. One can only hope that their greed flies around their ears - as with the Lootbox controversy over Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Such insolence towards the players should not be allowed to go through with this company again.

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