Creative SXFI AIR GAMER | Review

Creative SXFI AIR GAMER | Review

Do you remember the Creative SXFI GAMER? For some time now Creative has been trying to spread its Super X-Fi technology and over the last few months it has been very committed to the production of headsets that can exploit this patent, so it is not surprising that the Creative SXFI AIR GAMER arrives. . It is a headset identical, from a qualitative point of view, to the previous one, but with the important difference of Bluetooth 5.0.

Over the last few weeks we have tested them on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC , smartphone and MAC, giving us good sensations, the same already felt with the previous model. Given its nature, this time we focused on mobility, testing them on different titles via Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android smartphones.

Design and ergonomics

On the build quality of the Creative SXFI AIR GAMER there is very little to say, since they are substantially identical to the previous SXFI GAMER and therefore with the same value. For those who have never seen the classics with the cable, the Creative SXFI AIR GAMER have pavilions and headrests covered in perforated protein leather. Despite and normally this involves heavy sweating in the summer, we can guarantee that in our case we were fine, also due to the holes in the pavilion, which allow better transpiration. When it comes to convenience, we're well above several recently tested headsets.

As in the Creative SXFI GAMER, we can see on the right side all the buttons and inputs necessary for its use. As previously pointed out, these Creative SXFI AIR GAMER are headphones that can be connected either in wired mode through a 3.5 mm jack with headphone / microphone splitter or with USB-C cable (with adapter present in the package for those who do not have an input USB-C) and with Bluetooth 5.0 mode, and therefore with the possibility of being compatible even in portability on smartphones and other devices with Bluetooth support.

Near the audio jack input you can find a photo for the insertion of the CommanderMic microphone, it is removable, flexible and indicates with a red LED light if the microphone is in a muted state. From this point of view, Creative has done a really nice job with the CommanderMic, this is because it is always useful to have the possibility to remove a microphone, also knowing easily if we are muted or not is very convenient. We come to the rear of the pavilions where you can find the SXFI technology button that allows you to amplify the sounds with a series of audio modes, the mute button for the microphone and the ring for volume adjustment.


We have already had the opportunity to write about audio during the review of the classic Creative SXFI GAMER, but for those who have not had the opportunity to read it here is a brief review.

Our test has focused, once again, on Super X-Fi mode, testing it on various titles such as racing video games, first and third person shooters, as well as video games with a strong audio component such as Ori and the Will of the Wisps. As previously told, we did not carry out tests on consoles or PCs, this is because we had already done it and it did not seem appropriate to repeat tests on those platforms once again, so we connected in Bluetooth on smartphones and carried out tests. with several titles via Xbox Cloud Gaming, which thanks to Xbox Game Pass gave us the opportunity to test a long series of games, including: Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5, Halo The Master Chief Collection.

If with all genres, good or bad, the audio is good, on the FPS the music changes radically thanks to the Battle Mode of the headphones, which allows you to be able to more accurately reveal the movements of players or the respawn of weapons in real time. Usually this is a feature reserved for those who use an expensive mix amp, thanks to the Battle Mode this is possible without necessarily having to buy other peripherals. Clearly we are not writing you about perfect mechanics, but our tests have pleasantly impressed us, especially if we consider that we have tested them on the move on smartphones.

The advantage of the Creative SXFI AIR GAMER is certainly that of possibility to always carry them with you and use them in Bluetooth mode, perhaps even using them as headphones to listen to music or talk on the phone. For this reason Creative has decided to insert, in addition to the classic CommanderMic, also the small NanoBoom Mic, useful for speaking without necessarily having to introduce a more flashy microphone like the Commander Mic. The SXFI AIR GAMER also have quick touch controls on the left ear cup to increase the volume, answer a call, change music tracks or pause. In addition to this, Creative has also thought of another setting called GamerChat, which allows us to talk to our friends over the phone while we are playing. The idea was born above all towards those who play video games on Nintendo Switch (and as you well know have difficulty talking to friends by connecting properly), this mode can be selected on the headphones, also allows you to answer incoming calls without having to leave the chat or close any open application (such as Discord).

Even without SXFI, the headphones prove to have a quality on par with their list price of 139.99 euros (only 10 euros more than the SXFI GAMER). The 50 mm drivers with a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz offer an enjoyable bass volume, also allowing you to be able to listen to music in a pleasant way, even if they were not born mainly for this reason. Furthermore, as previously written, the possibility of being able to carry them around is a further advantage to encourage the user to listen to music. A single charge allows us to use the headphones for about 9 hours, a time very close to the 11 declared by Creative, in addition to the fact that they are recharged very easily thanks to the Type-C cable. think the two SXFI software. The first can be downloaded to a PC via the Creative site to also change the LED lights of your headphones, as well as to balance the audio with the equalizer, while the other can be used on smartphones through an app that allows us to create a personalized profile according to our face simply by having us take three photos - ears and face.

The last part concerns the CommanderMic, we have already talked about this excellent microphone and we can reiterate how satisfying it is during the game sessions. The CommanderMic features an integrated pop filter and inPerson SXFI technology, designed to eliminate all background noise. As we wrote in the past, the ambient sounds are not totally eliminated, but the presence is reduced by a lot.

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