Camping Accessories: Top 7 Holiday Gadgets

Camping Accessories: Top 7 Holiday Gadgets

Camping Accessories

Seven essential travel companions to optimize space and protect nature

(Photo: Biolite) When you leave for a camping holiday, there are two necessary needs: optimizing space and thinking about the environment. We have chosen seven accessories that are very useful for backpackers or travelers with minimal luggage.

Portable filter for drinking water

(Photo: Lifestraw) LifeStraw is one of those gadgets which should never be missing in every backpack because it is literally a lifesaver. As you can imagine from the name, it is a light and compact straw with a filter inside that stops impurities, bacteria and microorganisms to make the water of streams, lakes, ponds and any other source on the path drinkable. It can work for over 4000 liters, more than you drink in a year and costs 26.95 euros, here the offers on Amazon. In addition, for every LifeStraw purchased, a child in a developing country is helped to receive drinking water for one year.

Mosquito repellent

(Photo: Thermacell) It is often thought that mosquitoes infest only hot places, when in reality they even reach very northern latitudes. Wherever you camp in the world, a handheld device like Thermacell can create a kind of bubble - in this case, 20 square meters - of puncture protection. Use a small can of butane gas that heats an insecticide plate. The price is 22 euros, here the offers on Amazon.

Wooden camping stove that recharges the mobile phone

(Photo: Biolite) Just collect dry sticks in the woods and through pyrolysis the Biolite stove can heat pots, pans or coffee pots for cooking, but at the same time it can generate electricity from heat thanks to the so-called Seebeck effect through an integrated Peltier cell. A fan cools one side of the cell and optimizes combustion, with little smoke generated and more respect for nature. There is also an integrated light, ideal for the night. It costs about 220 euros, here the offers on Amazon.

Portable washing machine

(Photo: Scrubba) Regular washing of clothes and dirty laundry is essential when you are camping or during excursions. Scrubba is a smart solution that uses a light and resistant bag with a valve to optimize soap and water and always have clean clothes. It costs about 70 euros, here are the offers on Amazon.

Compressible pillow

(Photo: Therm-a-Rest) Sleeping comfortably while camping, especially if you are in a small single-seater tent seem like a business. But with the right pillow you start off on the right foot: Therm-a-Rest is soft and best accommodates the head and neck during rest, but can compress up to eight times to slip into the backpack during the trip. It costs 26.90 euros, here are the offers on Amazon.

Solar Charger

(Photo: Sweye) Take a multi-panel solar charger on vacation to connect it to a powerbank and integrating the lost charge from the battery of the gadgets is a good idea to remedy the not so excessive availability of electricity in campsites, especially in isolated areas. For example, we point out Sweye's proposal whose price is 30.55 euros, here the offers on Amazon. Here are some alternatives to solar power banks.


(Photo: SunJas) What camping is without a barbecue? In order not to carry too heavy systems, you can focus on models such as SunJas, a portable charcoal barbecue measuring 40 x 28 x 21.5 centimeters that can accommodate food to be cooked for 4 or 6 people. The stainless steel grill is easily washable. It costs 33.99 euros, here the offers on Amazon and various alternatives.

And if the campsite is near the sea, here are the best gadgets to take to the beach.

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