Buy graphics card: price development, price-performance ratio and buying tips

Buy graphics card: price development, price-performance ratio and buying tips

Buy graphics card

Graphics cards: Prices and purchase advice

As the prices for gamer graphics cards continue to fall and the trend of massively increasing prices that began in autumn 2020 seems to have broken, we are again offering graphics card purchase advice today. Only three weeks ago we had already published a special on this topic, and we launched our PC special from last week, not least because of the falling graphics card prices. The actual purchase recommendations have not changed since then - but today we take a closer look at the prices and our research as well as the price-performance ratio.

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How we find the prices

For We use price comparison websites for our hardware purchase advice as well as the price comparison of PC Games hardware. In the case of graphics cards, due to the crisis (the supply was nowhere near meeting the demand, so that the prices even more than tripled in some cases) have taken a closer look over the last few months and repeatedly noted the price of the cheapest model of a graphics card series e: For every graphics card series such as the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 or AMD Radeon RX 6800 there are several model variants from partner manufacturers such as Asus, Gigabyte, MSI or XFX, mostly so-called custom models with a cooling solution created by the partner manufacturer - the best price always refers to it on one of these custom models, which then represents the whole series in our purchase advice.

The Nvidia GeForce 3080 rose to insane prices of over 2000 euros in the spring Graphics card model was also available directly from stock at an established retailer at exactly this price. So we really wanted to determine the cheapest price in each case, for which you can strike a graphics card series immediately and also expect a certain seriousness. We have omitted offers from shops that are still unknown or are located abroad, as well as eBay offers. And graphics card prices that come from well-known shops such as Mindfactory or Alternate, but apply to models not available from stock, we have of course not noted.

If we had only considered the cheapest offer in the price comparison, prices would have come about that play down the situation, as there are always very cheap but not directly deliverable listings on price comparison websites and in shops. For example, today we discovered an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 from EVGA for 750 euros, listed by Saturn, in the price comparison of PC Games Hardware. In May the best available offer still cost almost 1,400 euros, since the beginning of July the prices have been around 870 euros. However, the model at Saturn, which costs 750 euros, is not available from stock. If you consider the availability, you will come to the conclusion that cheap and also available RTX 3070 models currently cost more than around 850 euros. Just as a note: at the time of release it was 500 euros for the Founders Edition and from 580 euros for custom models - after a few minutes all copies were sold. The prices are still high despite the downward trend.

In individual cases, the cheap models we have found are exceptions. An example: A few weeks ago there was a model variant of the GeForce RTX 3080 available from stock at a well-known shop for a very good price at the time. But there was really only this one model in this price range - other models were at least 200 euros more expensive. And even the cheapest model mentioned was again 200 euros more expensive at the nearest shop that could deliver it directly from stock. In such a case, we still use the lowest price at the time as a benchmark, as we are assuming a trend that other shops will gradually follow. Exactly this was the case in the example a few days later - the RTX 3080 still cost over 2000 euros in May, in mid-June it was 1500 euros, at the beginning of July 1300 euros and currently 1250 euros. On the next page we take a look at the current low prices compared to some key data since October 2020.

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