Amazon: 20% discount on Yespresso capsules!

Amazon: 20% discount on Yespresso capsules!


After having proposed some of the main offers of the day for this Wednesday, we now point out the discounts that Amazon is dedicating to coffee and, in particular, to the excellent Italian brand Yespresso, which now returns to be the protagonist of a really excellent promotion , especially if you are looking for Nespresso compatible capsules that are of excellent quality and that, above all, do not create operating problems for the machines.

The offers available are really many, with discounts up to 20%, and include not only capsules compatible with the Nespresso brand, but also with other leading manufacturers on the market. And if you are a coffee enthusiast, we warmly invite you to consult our shopping guides, especially those concerning the purchase of the best coffee machines available on the market.

A fundamental feature that makes Yespresso capsules an economical alternative to those of the most famous brands lies in the practical and safe encapsulation, which prevents any jamming and damage of your coffee machines. With Yespresso coffee, however, these problems do not exist! You can finally prepare a coffee compatible with the dispensing system of your machines and enjoy it at its maximum intensity and flavor!

In short, as you will see, Yespresso is the most suitable choice in the capsule panorama compatible, and thanks to the numerous offers you will have the opportunity to stock up on coffee by purchasing the excellent convenience formats at really affordable prices!

There are many varieties of Yespresso products and we warmly invite you to visit the page dedicated to the promotion and let your palate decide which capsules to take home, but not before taking a peek at the list at the bottom. That said, as always, we invite you to subscribe to our four Telegram channels, where we will offer you real-time updates on all the best promotions regarding Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports and Chinese products. Happy shopping!

Our selection of products

Yespresso compatible Nescafe Dolce gusto Cremoso - 10 pack of 16 capsules, 160 Yespresso Napoli capsules 100 Lavazza Amodo capsules my compatible (Creamy) | Yespresso Nespresso Compatible Grand Cru, 5 Different Blends - 100 Capsules | 13,59 € (16,90 €) Yespresso 240 Capsules Lavazza my way compatible (Ristretto) | 27,82 € (34,77 €) Yespresso Bialetti compatible (Creamy) - 240 capsules | 31,92 € (39,90 €) Yespresso 100 Capsules Fior Fiore Coop, Lui, Mitaca Mps, Martello, Aroma VERO compatible - INTENSE | 14,39 € (16,90 €) Yespresso 240 compatible capsules Lavazza my way (Intense) | 27,82 € (34,87 €) Yespresso 100 Nespresso compostable capsules Granbar blend | € 14.39 (€ 17.99)

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Bezos space flight relaunches longstanding gripes about Amazon business practices and the wealth gap

The world's richest man wanted to say thanks to the people who made his brief trip into space Tuesday possible.

But for some, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' expression of gratitude went over like a lead rocket.

'I want to thank every Amazon employee, and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all this,' the 57-year-old Bezos said during a news conference Tuesday after becoming the second billionaire in just over a week to ride in his own spacecraft.

Bezos built Amazon into a shopping and entertainment behemoth but has faced increasing activism within his own workforce and stepped up pressure from critics to improve working conditions.

Labor groups and Amazon workers have claimed that the company doesn't offer its hourly employees enough break times, puts too much reliance on rigid productivity metrics and has unsafe working conditions. An effort to unionize workers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama failed earlier this year.

Robert Reich, former secretary of labor under President Bill Clinton and a professor of public policy at University of California, Berkeley, wrote on Twitter that Bezos has crushed unionizing attempts for decades.


'Amazon workers don't need Bezos to thank them. They need him to stop union busting — and pay them what they deserve,' Reich wrote.

Teamsters National Director for Amazon Randy Korgan expressed similar sentiments in a statement to CBS News, saying, 'One part of Bezos's statement is surprisingly accurate — it is Amazon workers who have built his fortune — but if Jeff Bezos really wants to thank Amazon workers, he should listen to their demands for safer working conditions, a voice in the workplace, and good, family sustaining middle class jobs—rather than perpetuating a highly exploitative business model of high pace of work, high rates of injury, high rates of turnover and low pay.'

Bezos shares emotional moment aboard spacecra... 00:54

Bezos stepped down as Amazon CEO in July, allowing him more time for side projects including his space exploration company Blue Origin. He has said he finances the rocket company by selling $1 billion in Amazon stock each year.

After the spaceflight, Bezos awarded $100 million donations through a new philanthropic initiative to both D.C. chef Jose Andres and CNN contributor Van Jones to put toward any charity or nonprofit of their choice. Jones has founded a number of nonprofit organizations and Andres' nonprofit group World Central Kitchen provides meals to people following natural disasters.

Nevertheless, Representative Earl Blumenauer, who is on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, proposed on Tuesday legislation that would tax space travel for non-scientific research purposes.

'Space exploration isn't a tax-free holiday for the wealthy,' said Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat. 'Just as normal Americans pay taxes when they buy airline tickets, billionaires who fly into space to produce nothing of scientific value should do the same, and then some.'

Others reported that Bezos hasn't paid his fair share of taxes. According to the nonprofit investigative journalism organization ProPublica, Bezos paid no income tax in 2007 and 2011.

'Jeff Bezos forgot to thank all the hardworking Americans who actually paid taxes to keep this country running while he and Amazon paid nothing,' Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted.

Allen Adamson, co-founder of marketing consultancy Metaforce, says it's challenging for Bezos to say where the money from the space trip is coming from without being offensive. He says he should have left out those comments and focused on thanking the Blue Origin team.

'For people who have an issue with inequality and his compensation versus the average employee compensation, this was rocket fuel,' Adamson said.

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