Windows 11: release date, price, information and functions of the new Microsoft operating system

Windows 11: release date, price, information and functions of the new Microsoft operating system

Windows 11

We had already found it several weeks ago, but now it is finally official: Microsoft has presented Windows 11, the new operating system for PCs and convertibles. Although the Redmond company promised that there would be no major updates after Windows 10, we were more than happy to see so many interesting features and news coming to the most popular operating system in the world. We cannot deny it, both the graphical interface and the user experience in general were needed to get fresh air in from Microsoft's windows.

A more modern, fresh and clean look is the basis of this Windows 11, together with many functions for a more versatile multitasking, a Store completely revised with the arrival of Android applications and finally an important part dedicated to video games, especially the Game Pass. There were also small but certainly welcome news such as the integration of Teams into the operating system or the complete revision of Windows updates, now executable directly in the background. In short, Microsoft wanted to raise the Windows platform to another level.

Let's find out in detail all the new features to evaluate how these can make Windows 11 the ideal platform for the PC of the future. If you want to read our first impressions, you can take a look at our beta test.

Graphic interface

Official Windows 11 logo and background The first element that catches the eye once started Windows 11 is undoubtedly its graphical interface. Microsoft has worked very hard to modernize it and refresh the look of every single element, from icons to animations to the new widgets.

The whole is characterized by a minimal and clean style, with pleasant transparency effects applied to the windows, to give a greater sense of depth to our workspace. This new graphic philosophy extends along the entire operating system, from the desktop to the Edge browser, also reaching the Office suite with Outlook and the new Microsoft Store. The user can further customize their computer with predefined themes and the long awaited Dark Mode.

The widgets mentioned above are easily accessible by scrolling the mouse on the left edge of the screen. They appear in an elegant transparent panel, which does not completely cover the overlapping windows and can be customized at will, both in content and in size.

The new Start Menu in Windows 11 Important changes have also arrived in the Menu Start. Microsoft has decided to move access to this menu to the center, also updating its functions and relieving it from the old and little used Tiles. Clicking on the Start icon will open a window in line with the rest of the graphical interface with three main sections: the search bar, the favorite applications and the section dedicated to files recommended by artificial intelligence. It is therefore a rather important step forward compared to the classic Windows 10 Start Menu, decidedly not very intuitive and of dubious usefulness.

The versatility of the graphic interface through different devices The graphic interface of Windows 11 adapts according to the pointing system used. There are those who prefer to use their computer with the mouse, others do most of the tasks with the keyboard, without clearly neglecting those who love interaction via the touch screen. Windows 11 is able to please everyone very well, thanks to a very flexible interface from this point of view.

In particular, in the touch mode, the available gestures are really many and very intuitive. Even a trivial task like moving windows on the screen has been made easier in this mode of use. Other functions dedicated to multitasking are very well optimized and closely resemble those seen on Android or Apple tablets.


Different window arrangements on Windows 11 Windows is a very versatile operating system, compatible with thousands of programs and with multiple professional and leisure applications. Each user needs certain workspaces and a particular window organization in order to be more productive and focused on the task to be completed. For this reason Microsoft has added new Snap Layouts in Windows 11 in order to better optimize multitasking.

Thanks to them, with a simple click, it is possible to arrange the active windows in a completely customized way, dividing and resizing them according to according to your needs. We can decide whether to arrange them in three perfectly identical columns, or in numerous other combinations to optimize the space available on the display. These layouts remain stored thanks to the Snap Groups function, so every time we go to activate a certain application, we will find it set exactly as we had left it previously. They are also perfectly suited to the use of additional monitors and maintain a certain layout if we are using an external screen.

Side panel with Widgets In addition to the customized window arrangement, Microsoft wanted to give users the possibility to create real workspaces. In Windows 11 we can create additional desktops to focus on certain tasks and remove any distraction. For example, it is possible to create the Desktop dedicated to work with the appropriate useful applications and another reserved for leisure where we hide work notifications and show Netflix and favorite games.


Ecosystem Microsoft's Xbox Microsoft's commitment to the world of video games is now evident from many points of view. We have seen this in recent months with the launch of the Xbox Series X | S and through the constant enhancement of the Game Pass. The acquisition of major development studios such as those owned by Bethesda is also bearing fruit for the Xbox ecosystem.

During the presentation of Windows 11, Microsoft confirmed its intent to move this ecosystem forward. game, shared between console and Windows. The investments made to develop new technologies dedicated to gaming are in fact perfectly shareable between the two platforms. The DirectStorage APIs, initially designed for the Xbox Velocity Architecture, also arrived on Windows 11. Thanks to them, M.2 SSDs with NVME connection can communicate optimally with the GPU, allowing faster loading times and superior technical quality , without disturbing the computer's CPU.

Game Pass available on Xbox and Windows PC consoles Another novelty dedicated to video games in Windows 11 is the presence of Auto HDR, which is also already present on Xbox consoles. It is a function capable of balancing colors, brightness, saturation and contrast in a completely automatic way to offer a superior visual rendering. Microsoft finally wanted to emphasize once again the importance and convenience of the Game Pass, a "Netflix" service where with a monthly subscription you can access a vast catalog of video games. The subscription can be used on both PC and Xbox, with the ability to share your saves via the cloud.

In addition, for less powerful computers, users can count on the incredible performance of the Xbox servers

to enjoy streaming titles via cloud gaming.

Microsoft Store

The new Microsoft Store interface As mentioned above, the Microsoft Store has also been completely revised below the graphic aspect. The goal of the Redmond company is to get developers to spread their applications through their service. However, they do not want to force companies to abandon their business model, in fact they have been given the opportunity to keep 100% of the revenues, while continuing to use their distribution method. Microsoft Store therefore wants to be the safe place in which to download the best applications available for the Windows platform in complete tranquility. Through the present cards it is possible to access the various sections of the virtual shop. In the page dedicated to entertainment we find, for example, all the movies and TV series of popular streaming services, accessible through a single shared library for better search and navigation.

Android applications

Section dedicated to Android applications in the Microsoft Store As a final surprise, Microsoft announced the arrival of Android applications on Windows 11. The apps integrate into the operating system as if they were programs written specifically for Windows. We can therefore arrange them in various layouts with the multitasking functions seen above, or set them as favorites in the new Start Menu.

To be able to download and install them on the operating system, just go to the Microsoft Store, where in a special section we find the mobile applications. Within the same operating system we can therefore switch from the professional application of the Adobe suite to the casual game available through the Android platform. Microsoft has decided to rely on the Amazon Appstore for the distribution of Android applications on Windows. In fact, this will be the database accessible for app downloads and related updates, once the final version of Windows 11 is released.

Availability and price

Microsoft Teams integrated into the Windows 11 operating system Following the Windows 11 presentation event, Microsoft organized a developer meeting where the operating system was shown in action. Only a few hours later the first beta version of Windows 11 was officially released, available for all those who want to try out the new OS in advance. Microsoft has also made available a tool through which we can check whether our computer is compatible with Windows 11 or not.

So when will the final version of Windows 11 be available? Microsoft has stated that its operating system will be released later this year completely free. All Windows 10 users with a compatible PC will be able to upgrade their copy of Windows for free to accommodate the interesting news contained in this eleventh version.

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