Who is the new CEO of Ferrari

Who is the new CEO of Ferrari

Benedetto Vigna, physicist, has a 26-year career in the semiconductor industry and one of his most popular applications has been used in the Nintendo Wii console

The Ferrari logo (Photo by John Keeble / Getty Images) Physical , Italian, 52 years old, graduated with honors and with over one hundred registrations in his name in the European Patent Register: this is the identikit of Benedetto Vigna, new CEO of Ferrari, the first Italian brand in the global ranking of brands for value and absolute icon of motoring and made in Italy in the world. Born in Pietrapertosa (Potenza), the highest town in Basilicata, Vigna studied at the University of Pisa and then began an international career in several leading technology companies and in the heart of the semiconductor industry, which is rapidly transforming the automotive sector.

The new CEO will join Ferrari starting September 1st, to accelerate the application of the latest generation technologies. Vigna is currently in charge of the analog, micro-electromechanical systems (Mems) and sensors group of StMicroelectronics (St) where he is also a member of the executive committee. Joined the company in 1995, he was himself the founder of the Mems unit, which was St's largest and most profitable business in 2020. Over the years he has worked to lead the company to leadership in the activated user interface market. from the movement.

His responsibilities have been expanded to connectivity, imaging solutions and power management. In 2010, however, he was among the finalists of the award for the European Inventor having designed the three-dimensional motion sensor used in the wireless controls of the Nintendo Wii console. Vigna's research focused on cost reduction and miniaturization of sensors, starting with those used in car airbags, with an appreciable result as early as 2001. He also led a number of successful initiatives in new business areas, with a particular focus on the industrial and automotive market segments. A sector, the latter, which is increasingly displacing competition in the development of electrified autonomous driving.

"His deep knowledge of the technologies that drive much of the change in our industry, his proven capacity for innovation , the entrepreneurial approach and its leadership will further strengthen Ferrari by writing new chapters in our history ”, declared John Elkann, president of the Maranello-based company, who announced the first electric model for 2025 at the annual meeting last April. Strengthening Ferrari's leadership as a manufacturer of the "most beautiful and technologically advanced cars in the world" will be the priority of the new CEO, the company explains. “It is an extraordinary honor” declared Vigna, who expressed “enthusiasm for the great opportunities that we will be able to seize” and “a deep sense of responsibility”.

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