[UPDATE] New PlayStation 5 bundles on sale from Gamestop!

[UPDATE] New PlayStation 5 bundles on sale from Gamestop!

Update 15:43: only console bundle with disc available.

Are you still looking for the PlayStation 5 and hoping for a restock on the occasion of Prime Day 2021? Understandable, but since there is no certainty of the return of PS5 on the pages of Amazon, we suggest you immediately queue for the now "traditional" weekly sale by GameStop which, once again, will give you the opportunity to buy a console starting at 3:30 pm!

As always, therefore, GameStop will be selling a limited stock of consoles, opening its sales queues starting at 3.15pm, with the actual purchase option only opening shortly thereafter. As always, in fact, we remind you that the purchase of PlayStation 5 at GameStop will not be "free", and you will have to comply with the rules imposed by the retailer to have a chance to take the console home with you. will require buyers to queue for sales starting around 3:15 pm.

Be sure to clear your browser cache before queuing; Avoid reloading the page, as this will reset your queue priority, thus making you risk not accessing the portal in time; Leave the page open until you are inside the site. Having clarified this, we remind you that through GameStop you will have the opportunity to buy PlayStation 5 according to different sales methods, that is both in the "smooth" format (often present in very limited pieces and, for this reason, immediately snapped up), and through 2 customizable bundles that require a minimum purchase of products which, as you will guess, means that to buy the PlayStation 5 you will have to put the console in the cart along with other items including gadgets, accessories and games.

Going specifically, the he purchase of PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will only be possible by adding a minimum of 4 products to the cart, while for PlayStation 5 with disc player, the minimum number of products rises to 5. In both cases, however, you will have a limit of "only one product by category "so much so that, for example, it is possible to buy only one additional pad, while this restriction is less binding for video games, where you will have the possibility purchase at least 2 titles for your custom bundle. In any case, we remind you that you will be forced to purchase other products in addition to the console, because the payment will not be released if the cart is not considered complete.

Read also: PS5: difficult to fall in love with a console that does not tell you anything Of course, this is not a particularly "convenient" purchase formula, as you will be forced to buy the console together with other products of which , probably, you don't care much, however given the shortage of components caused by COVID-19 which, as you know, could prevent the console from returning permanently to the market no earlier than 2023, these rounds of sales by GameStop represent, at least at present, the only (albeit minimal) possibility to buy PlayStation 5.

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