Twitch: Amouranth's OnlyFans exploded after the ban

Twitch: Amouranth's OnlyFans exploded after the ban


As you know, Twitch has banned streamers Amouranth and Indiefoxx for their far too provocative ASMR live streams. The result is that, at least the first one, has made a lot of extra money with the explosion of his OnlyFans.

Amouranth has long been at the center of the controversy regarding the use that certain streamers make of Twitch. In fact it is involved in all the most controversial genres, those that many define as soft porn (in fact they are), such as hot tube and, in fact, ASMR. Having said that, ours still managed to become the second top streamer of the platform, immediately behind the much more moderate Pokimane.

As already mentioned, the new Twitch ban was imposed on her due to an ASMR streaming in which she licked the microphone dressed in so-called TikTok leggings (extremely tight and revealing). All this led to 587 new subscribers to his OnlyFans within just two hours of the ban.

Of course, now that many more hours have passed, subscribers may have grown by hundreds or thousands more. In short, Twitch's measures have not stopped the warmest users, who have followed their darling to other shores. If you want it is the unequivocal sign that people like Amouranth and Indifoxx do not steal viewers from other channels, but have a very specific audience, which goes in search of a certain type of content.

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Amouranth subtly labels her fans “Offensively Creepy and Coomery people” after her Twitch ban

Earlier today, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa went on a Twitter rant about her Twitch audience, a day after being banned from the platform.

Amouranth, was banned on Twitch along with fellow “sexually-suggestive” streamer Janelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres after hosting multiple suggestive ASMR streams in the past few weeks. The prominent female content creators are two of the many who, in recent weeks, have shifted to the ASMR category after “hot-tub” streams fizzled out in popularity on the platform.

After the suspensions, a former s*x worker posted a lengthy thread on Twitter explaining how the “platform has created an unsafe environment by allowing sexual content.” User @Susu_jpg concluded by saying that “sexual content” belongs on adult sites, something both Amouranth and Daphne “39Daphne” seemed to disagree with.

39Daphne responded to the thread by saying that the fault lies with the people who “chat-hop to be creepy in streams.' Amouranth agreed with Daphne’s lengthy thread, and effectively called a majority of her viewers “offensively creepy and coomery.” “Coomery” does not appear to be a real word.

The initial Twitter thread by @Susu_jpg blamed Twitch for allowing “sexual content” to exist on the platform. She said that allowing sexual content attracts a particular demographic which leads to sexual harassment/sexism for female creators in question. In response, 39Daphne claimed that it is only a handful of people who behave in such a manner, and most creators “do not care” about them.

Daphne posted a lengthy Twitter thread, and said that she has not been “negatively affected” by an increase in audience members who attempt to harass her, or make sexist comments. She also claimed that while Twitch has a problem with moderation, the fault only lies with the “creeps who chat-hop to other streams.”

Amouranth agreed with Daphne, and added to her arguments. The streamer claimed to have talked to a “non-sexual female streamer” who also registered an increase in the “number of creeps” that she came across on Twitch since the hot-tub meta. Amouranth called “offensively creepy and coomery” people a “grenade,” but claimed most “sexy streamers” dive in on the grenade.

In a nutshell, Amouranth said that most female content creators posting suggestive material do not mind their audience to be “offensively creepy.” Of course, this in part explains her own Twitch streams since the hot-tub meta blew up. Amouranth has received a large number of viewers for her “sexually-suggestive” streams and suggested that this was possible because she was actively trying to attract “offensively creepy” viewers.

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