The government wants to have a national cybersecurity agency

The government wants to have a national cybersecurity agency

A draft decree in 19 articles describes the organization and prerogatives of the new body, which will initially have 300 staff

Cybersecurity (Getty Images) Italy could soon have a national cybersecurity agency, according to the project described in a decree law being examined in Rome. The text is a draft in 19 articles with still incomplete details and subject to changes but already defines the forms and prerogatives of the new public body, which will have regulatory, administrative, patrimonial and organizational autonomy. This is what Ansa reports, explaining that an opinion of the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic (Copasir) is expected on the text, after the hearing of Franco Gabrielli, delegated authority.

A central role it will be attributed to the Prime Minister, who will have "top management and general responsibility for cybersecurity policies, including for the protection of national security". The premier will appoint a general manager and his deputy for four years and their mandate can be renewed for once. As designed so far, the agency will include six departments and will initially be made up of a staff of 300 people, which may grow to 800 in 2027.

In general, the Acn will have the task of coordinating the various subjects involved in the matter, unifying functions dispersed between various ministries and promoting common actions aimed at guaranteeing IT security. An inter-ministerial committee will then be established with advisory functions on related policies and a cybersecurity core to support the prime minister. All of this will also serve to secure the country's critical infrastructure.

Italy aims at the creation of a national strategic cloud pole, which will have to enable communication between entities with interoperable systems and high security standards according to the "once only" principle in the relationship between citizens and public administrations . The mission of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) dedicated to digitization, innovation and security in the public administration is the first on the list with € 9.75 billion, of which € 620 million dedicated to investment in cybersecurity. However, it is not known what the financial endowment of the new body will be, elaborated by a control room within the government and on which Copasir will have to decide, before the text passes to the Council of Ministers.

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