Silent Hill, the return is not what fans are hoping for

Silent Hill, the return is not what fans are hoping for

Silent Hill

It thundered so much that it rained. In fact, Silent Hill is about to return, but most likely not as fans and gamers have been hoping for for several years now. In fact, the Abandoned project will hardly prove to be the new chapter of the saga but Konami, perhaps due to a perfect coincidence in time, has announced the arrival of news for the IP but in a slightly different way from what everyone expected.

That a return of Silent Hill in pure video game form was virtually impossible has been in the air for some time. The reboot / parallel project created by Hideo Kojima was stopped abruptly in 2015 after the launch of PT (Playable Teaser) by Konami and from then on the publisher has always denied the rumors about it. But now the Twitter account of the Japanese publisher's shop has officially unveiled the return of the merch dedicated to the famous horror saga. And it did so by taking full advantage of the hype train that started in recent days.

After a series of tweets launched to tease the minds of fans, at 7:30 pm last night the Twitter account officially unveiled the return of Silent Hill merchandising. And it did so with an explanatory image, which you can find immediately below. The wording Coming Soon, which accompanies the twitter, leaves little room for interpretations: it is not a new IP but a batch of t-shirts and gadgets inspired by the famous horror saga.

There is only one small underlying problem: the media boomerang that could hit Konami and Blue Box. The Japanese publisher did not have excellent timing to launch its new marketing campaign for the store, while the developer (despite having denied any involvement with Silent Hill) could in turn find himself involved in the ire of users who have decided to fly a little too much with the imagination. In short, it seems there are all the elements to unleash the perfect storm, considering the arrival of the new merch on the publisher's store.


- OfficialKonamiShop (@KonamiShop) June 19, 2021

Can we assume for certain the non-existence of a new chapter? No, obviously not. Silent Hill sooner or later could really return to the homes of all gamers but it is clear that any new announcement of the game would not pass through a channel dedicated to an online store, but from official channels that deal with the production of video games. Of course we are happy to be proven wrong: if Konami really prepares a return of its IP, however it goes, we will update you as soon as there is official information about it.

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Konami Stokes ‘Silent Hill’ Rumors With ‘Coming Soon’ Tweet

Silent Hill is the talk of the town.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

The rumors are fierce and persistent. The clues and teases are tantalizing. Could a new Silent Hill game be in the works? Is Hideo Kojima involved? Who is this mysterious developer Blue Box Studios and how are they—and their game Abandoned—linked to Konami and/or Kojima and/or Sony?

I go into a great deal of depth on these questions in my article on Abandoned and the many ways it may—or may not be—a front for a new Silent Hills game from Metal Gear Solid creator, and P.T. mastermind, Hideo Kojima.

Now the mystery thickens (or does it???) as Konami enters the fray (sort of) with the following cryptic tweet:

“COMING SOON...” the tweet reads. It features the Red Pyramid Thing—a classic monster from the horror franchise. It looks creepy.

It’s also the Official Konami Shop Twitter page, not Konami proper. And Konami has largely abandoned video games, or at least its role as a leading Japanese video game developer and publisher.

So it’s possible that this has nothing to do with the Abandoned mystery game, or Hideo Kojima’s subtle hints at a new Silent Hills. Or it could. Who knows?

Rabbit holes! Rabbit holes and red flags! Everywhere you look!

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