Samsung Girl: Miss Chalice's Samantha cosplay is perfect in every detail

Samsung Girl: Miss Chalice's Samantha cosplay is perfect in every detail

Samsung Girl

Fads disappear quickly, but they often come suddenly. In the last period, for example, the "Samsung Girl", known as Samantha, an unofficial virtual assistant of Samsung Galaxy, is depopulated on the internet. The world of cosplay could not therefore miss the opportunity to recreate the character, and so did Miss Chalice. Here's Samantha's cosplay of her.

The Samsung Girl is the creation of Lightfarm Studios, a company known for creating lifelike CGI images, videos, AR filters, and VR applications. Samantha, however, surpassed the success of every other product of the company and went viral. Samsung hasn't commented on this design for the time being, but that doesn't stop people like Miss Chalice from creating a Samsung Girl cosplay. The cosplayer explains however that, in addition to having worked on costume, wig and make-up, she has heavily modified the photography on the computer, to resemble the character more: the result is really excellent, as you can see.

Se if you are a cosplay lover, then you shouldn't miss Shiencosplay⁣'s Aloy cosplay: it is praised by Guerrilla. Likeassassin's Ellie cosplay is also really perfect. We also suggest the cosplay of Tifa by irine_meier: it's incredible.

If you prefer Genshin Impact to the Samsung Girl, then you must see the cosplay of Mona from Nyukix: it's perfect. We also suggest Lisa cosplay from mizuvzcos: it's perfect. Finally, how not to recommend the cosplay of Lisa from Himeahri: it is of high quality.

Tell us, what do you think of the Samantha cosplay made by Miss.Chalice? Do you think the "Samsung Girl" was reproduced perfectly, or do you think you have seen higher quality cosplay?

Who is Samsung’s new virtual assistant Samantha and why is she trending?

SAMSUNG'S most important sources of income are its smartphones and computer chips.

The internet is running wild for an 'attractive' virtual AI assistant for Samsung products that was created by a marketing company.

Samantha the


Samantha the 'rejected' Samsung virtual assistantWho is Samsung's new virtual assistant Samantha?

'Samantha' is an AI virtual assistant that is not an official Samsung product.

A design firm named Lightfarm created Samantha with a marketing company owned by Samsung, but the final product was not picked up or incorporated into a Samsung campaign.

'She’s a bright-eyed, perky lady who likes jamming to tunes on her Samsung phone, browsing apps, and texting friends,' writes Polygon.

Samantha was created by Lightfarm


Samantha was created by LightfarmCredit: Twitter

In the leaked images, she's pictured holding what appears to be a Samsung smartphone, and has 'Samsung Galaxy' emblazoned on her grey polo shirt.

She designed similar to that of a Pixar character, a different approach from Apple's faceless Siri or Google's Google Assistant.

Samsung has it's own virtual assistant Bixby that represents a major reboot for S Voice, Samsung's voice assistant app introduced in 2012 with the Galaxy S III.

She will not feature in any Samsung product


She will not feature in any Samsung productCredit: Twitter

The images of Samantha were stored on the Lightfarm site until the company deleted the post.

So far, there's been no official announcement from Samsung about a new virtual assistant.

Why is she trending?

Samantha is trending on TikTok and Reddit for her glamorous virtual good looks, prompting a less-than-wholesome reaction from the internet.

Sam has now become the 'love interest' of some randy Samsung fans.

A lot of not-safe-for-work content of Samantha is making the viral rounds, the majority from the rule34 Reddit thread.

In a now-deleted post, Lightfarm discussed working with the Cheil Agency - a marketing company owned by Samsung - on the project.

Images of Samantha were taken down on the Lightfarm site


Images of Samantha were taken down on the Lightfarm siteCredit: Twitter

Lightfarm wrote: 'Throughout the process, the team devoted itself to developing realistic materials, mainly for the character’s hair and clothing, so that Sam appeared aesthetically pleasing.

'Sam was an incredible partnership between the Cheil Agency and Lightfarm, and we are thrilled to be part of this project!'

It's not immediately clear whether the images all over the internet were part of a concept project or represented a final design settled on by Samsung.

What did Twitter say about Samantha the virtual Samsung assistant?

Social media went rampant with comments about Samantha.

One shocked observer tweeted: 'Samsung made a virtual assistant avatar and within 5 picoseconds I've seen porn of her. Some people are down bad galactically lmao.'

Another said: 'SAMSUNG GIRL IS HOTT.'

'Samantha Samsung is not my type. I'm never gonna fall in love with her,' one chimed in.

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'Bruh, there is no reason they had to make Samantha Samsung so bad I'm thinking of buying a Samsung, at this point I think I do need to go to horny jail,' another said.

'samantha samsung do be fine,' one penned.

'just found out Samsung samantha is not real I'm gonna need a minute,' a user complained.

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