Representation of LBGT + in games and films: still necessary

Representation of LBGT + in games and films: still necessary

Representation of LBGT + in games and films

Listen up, Loki likes men too! Well, this may not come as a big surprise to one or the other, and by that I don't mean that you have to be incredibly knowledgeable about the real Nordic myth. No, knowledge of the comic templates is enough, the god of chaos has been gender fluid for a long time and not just bisexual, but pansexual.

And now you are following in the expanded Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the current one on Disney + ongoing series Loki. The tight confirmation was in episode 3, in the first episode it was already revealed that the real film Loki is not limited to one gender, but can change.

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1 Before Loki only low-key 2 I have nothing against gays, but ... 3 Not better in the gaming world 4 The dear money 5 A long way to go Now , the name of the series might give it away, Loki's role in it is a pretty crucial one. This is what makes this revelation so significant: In 13 years of Disney patronage, LBGT + representation in the MCU did not go beyond half-baked hints and an artificial scene in Avengers: Endgame, and the representation always only referred to absolute minor characters.


Loki: Dark trailer for the new Marvel series loadVideoPlayer ('83859', '& sAdSetCsategory = artikel_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1374693, false, 85560, 260, false, 0, '', '', false); Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) With Loki there is now the first representative with real weight, and as expected, the reactions are very divided. Some are happy about the outing, most of them shouldn't really care, a nagging third group is terribly upset and says that the MCU and Disney and what I don't know have now finally died for them.

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Before Loki is only low-key

representation of LBGT + in games and films still necessary (3) Source: Disney It should be added: because of a tiny scene that is beautifully subtly incorporated and has no direct, and probably also indirect, effects or will have. It is a decision made by filmmakers that shows that much too late, but nevertheless, diversity is finding its way into one of the largest media brands of our time. The MCU started out as very white and very masculine, but in recent years we have had numerous female, black, Asian and other heroines and villains, some of whom can only be described as "minorities" with a great deal of creativity. Loki's bisexuality is now another important step.

And then the screaming! It is adamant that there is no place in an entertainment medium, and of course the classic, you have nothing against homo- / bisexuality, but you don't want to keep it in your face all the time.

I repeat: A short sentence, no implications, no changes resulting from this to the figure Loki. Please explain to me what "In your face" is like or how it affects the series in any way.

I have nothing against gays, but ...

Representation of LBGT + in games and films is still necessary (4) Source: Marvel No, of course this is nothing more than a stupid excuse for the own homophobia and diversity hostility of those who feel insecure about their own sexuality when the world and the media they consume do not constantly acknowledge them in it. It was the same with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The very direct addressing of hatred towards blacks, which ran through the entire series, also let the hat string go off in some people.

Outraged, sexuality is then spat out and politics had no place in the entertainment media without, of course, being aware of the irony that one is making profoundly political demands. Or in the case of Lokis, have no problem with Tony Stark and Pepper Potts going into a relationship and having a child, or ... well, I'll stop at this point with a potential list. There are so many heteronormative relationships in the MCU that I have no idea who to start with.

Isn't that an "in your face" portrayal? Aren't the numerous man-woman relationships, including intimate kisses, a little more explicit than a short sentence saying that you are into both men and women?

Where is the problem, where is the outcry? What, isn't there? But something like that too!

Not better in the gaming world

Representation of LBGT + in games and films is still necessary (2) Source: Sony Don't get me wrong, I don't need one great romances in my stupid-entertaining comic films, no matter what sexual orientation. I usually find them annoying anyway, family and friend stories irritate me a lot more and the emotions get much closer to me. This is my personal taste with almost all films and books.

But the only thing that the diversity now increasingly implemented in mainstream products does is to show our relatively open society where everyone can see it , even those who have a problem with it out of some uncertainty. It has really taken long enough for the suit wearers at management level to recognize that a small group of old-timers who may have been thrown off is not reason enough to be overly cautious on the brakes out of sheer fear.

Bei We are still a bit less advanced in video games than we are in films. Extensive presentation can be found mainly in indies and games with a medium budget, see Tell Me Why. Blockbuster representation such as that offered by Last of Us 2 is very rare. But at least, improvement is slowly becoming apparent here too.

The dear money

Representation of LBGT + in games and films is still necessary (5) Source: Marvel I'm not stupid, of course , I already know that there are no altruistic motives behind this change of direction. As so often, as almost always, it's about the money, certainly not from the director of the Loki episode, from whom I really believe that she is happy to be able to realize this moment. But those who have to give the OK for this swing do so because the strategy that works better nowadays is "look how woke we are".

That is not nice and can and should be criticized, in the end but I prefer change that is not from the heart to no change at all. Because this change ensures that people deal with diversity for which it was not an issue before and ideally recognize that there are other realities of life besides their own; because children can grow up with cool role models who are then gay or bi or transgender and which at some point is no longer worth the headline. Well, one can argue about Loki's role model potential now. But Tessa Thompson's officially described as a lesbian Valkyrie, who will find a partner in the next Thor film, definitely fits.

A long way

Yes, I recognize the contradiction, that I am writing here in my appropriately named column that I hope that LBGT + heroes will at some point no longer be worth a headline. Alone, we're just not ready yet. These headings are still needed, and companies are still needed to take the appropriate steps, whatever their motivation.

That's why I have nothing against symbolic politics. No, of course a bisexual Loki doesn't change the real injustice that minorities face every day. No, of course nothing about it changes if the Munich stadium is illuminated in the rainbow colors during the game against Hungary - or not.

But a process is initiated. We need symbols to show that an open society cannot accept injustice. Convictions grow out of symbols, deeds outgrow convictions, a society outgrowth out of deeds that is less and less ready to accept hatred and resentment. Everyone is allowed to live as they like, but the unhappiness of others must never be made the basis for their own satisfaction.

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