One Piece - the official sketches of the 1st chapter of the manga

One Piece - the official sketches of the 1st chapter of the manga

Over the last few hours, the official sketches of the 1st chapter of One Piece made by Eiichiro Oda have emerged online before the serialization of the record manga published in Italy for Star Comics.

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Precisely, the historical and precious material was released on the occasion of a Japanese television broadcast for the Fuji TV broadcaster (where the anime is also broadcast), One Piece Variety: Kaizoku-o ni ore wa naru.

In addition to the sketches, among other things in color, it was once again mentioned how much the author, despite the great current success that is the backbone of Weekly Shonen Jump, has been for a year rejected by the same editorial staff. In reality, however, the transmission wanted to clarify that the editorial staff did not believe One Piece was mediocre, rather it was certain that Oda-sensei could do much better thanks to his talent.

And we can say that in these twenty years the Japanese author has exceeded all expectations.

Now, let's look together at the color sketches below courtesy of Twitter user @ Sandman_AP:

The rest is history. The manga started in Weekly Shonen Jump in July 1997 and to date has more than 1000 published chapters and fame, love and glory all over the world. In addition, remember, the series is approaching its 100th volume, the details of which are available here in our previous article.

One Piece, the manga and the anime

One Piece is a shonen manga written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda through the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) since 1997. The manga series, in the heart of the narrative arc of the Country of Wano, in Japan has reached the 1016 chapters and 99 tankobons. In Italy, however, the series is published by Edizioni Star Comics with 97 volumes available (you can make it yours on Amazon).

The latest manga releases are available for free and totally legal reading on MANGA Plus ( Shueisha).

The manga is inspiring an animated series made by Toei Animation and has been running uninterrupted since 1999. It has currently reached 979 total episodes and is transposing the events of the story arc of the Country of Wano.

In Italy the broadcasting rights are owned by Mediaset and it currently boasts 578 dubbed episodes. The series is also legally visible, with subtitles in Italian and with a premium account through the Crunchyroll streaming platform.

The franchise has inspired video games, merchandise, manga spin-offs, animated feature films and a Netflix TV series with real-life Western actors currently in development. We retrieve the last details here.

In the phantasmagoric universe of One Piece there is no word "rest", and the tireless mind of the master Oda is constantly at work to give birth to new, crazy adventures for the gang of most bizarre pirates there is! In Wa, Luffy's group has almost finished gathering companions and allies, and is now one step away from the planned raid on Orc Island. Meanwhile, on the side of the enemies, the worst of alliances sees the light! While Kaido toasts the "monstrous" partnership, the world situation begins to falter.

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