Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti | Review

Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti | Review

While Nvidia has tried to stem cryptocurrency miners by introducing cards with reduced hash rates (identified by the acronym LHR), on the other hand it seems that the general situation in which the hardware market finds itself does not prevent the Californian company from following the own roadmap and to release, as scheduled, new video cards of the RTX 3000 family.

Last week we saw the review of the RTX 3080 Ti, top of the range for gamers that stands as a valid alternative to the RTX 3090, especially for those who use the PC only for gaming. Today is the turn of the other GPU seen during the Computex 2021 conference: the RTX 3070 Ti.

Let's clarify an important point immediately: the RTX 3070 Ti does not want to replace the RTX 3070, so it would be incorrect to evaluate the new arrived from Nvidia only with respect to the younger sister. The new RTX 3070 Ti was designed with the aim of replacing the RTX 2070 SUPER, promising approximately 50% higher performance; for this reason, in our tests we will also compare the RTX 3070 Ti with the RTX 2070 SUPER, so as to measure the actual difference in performance.

Design and technical specifications

The new RTX 3070 Ti it is based on the GA104 chip (the same as the RTX 3070) and offers 6144 Cuda cores, 48 ​​second generation RT cores and 192 third generation Tensor cores. The maximum frequency claimed by Nvidia is 1770MHz, however in our benchmarks the card reached 1995MHz on its own. Finally, the TDP is equal to 290W, closer to that of the RTX 3080 than that of the RTX 3070.

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