New World: the preview with all the news for the Amazon Game Studios MMO

New World: the preview with all the news for the Amazon Game Studios MMO

New World

Why doesn't anyone develop new high-budget MMORPGs? Because the investment would be monstrous, and probably few could be satisfied. World of Warcraft revolutionized the genre but also killed it at the same time. The confirmation is given to you by Blizzard itself who later made a stew from which only the PVP, which later became Overwatch, was saved.

Another problem is how much to charge: today it is much more difficult than yesterday to ask for a monthly subscription, basically necessary to carry out a similar project, while making it free to play would mean infesting it with different currencies and microtransactions.

The last to succeed were the Japanese of Square Enix, with Final Fantasy XIV, while the last to try are the Amazon Game Studios with New World, currently in development and shown again to the public in these days of E3.

In our preview of New World we are going to discover all the news for this ambitious MMO announced during the Summer Game Fest.

The lost PvP

New World: there will be big cities in which to shop and interact with other Amazon players therefore, a colossus with infinite lives, perhaps the only ones who can risk so much, although with the approach of the release they have repeatedly revised their plans, making New World less and less courageous. Initially, this new MMORPG really seemed to have all the credentials to bring together the main features of the before and after World of Warcraft, starting from the courageous choice to make PvP an integral part of the experience, a bit like it did in the pioneering Ultima Online, or in a different but no less effective form in the mammoth Star Wars Galaxies.

A year ago, however, things changed and PvP was transformed into an optional element, in order to defend the pious souls that never spoil the game, which then fill the forums with complaints. Of course, there is a risk that you will be beaten up, but with the right mechanics it is precisely this sense of perennial danger that creates the best forms of emerging gameplay: in Ultima Online, but not only, groups of players took care to defend the settlements by users voted to evil, and there were those who paid soldiers of fortune to reach the most dangerous places precisely to avoid similar troubles.

World of Warcraft itself had PvP zones, and it was precisely in those parts that we more fun.


New World: Even though PvP has become optional, there will be plenty of opportunities to challenge other user groups. The heart of the game, however, seems to be PvE. That of New World was a very noisy turnaround, which is unlikely to be followed by another one that will restore the initial order. So it's good to know right now: in this game whoever wants to fight with the players he meets along the way will have to activate PvP in the appropriate menu, everyone else will be allowed to feel safe 24/7, or almost.

Fortunately for New World and for those who follow its development closely, in the Amazon Game Studios game there is much more, many opportunities to clash with other players for example, as well as some of the best graphics ever proposed by the genre (the graphic engine is the heavily modified version of the Crytek Engine, that Lumbeyard Engine already used by Star Citizen).

To present this new update on New World, Scott Lane, director of the game and dean of the industry with many and very different works behind him, returns to our screens, from Life & Death II to Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II . As you may already know, in New World we will play the role of a novice adventurer who, after a disastrous shipwreck, finds himself lost on one of the beaches of the magical island of Eternum. The first effect of this awakening is immortality, but as Scott Lane repeats, this important gift will bring with it far worse consequences than death. It is good to know that unlike other MMOs, New World proposes an ultimate purpose, which is to prevent the bestial forces of evil from conquering Eternal and expanding to the rest of the planet, and that is why it will be fundamental for humans, that is the players, join forces, organize and finally fight back.

Here are the Expeditions!

New World: also in this MMO you will be able to concentrate on crafting and gathering of resources. New World has been postponed several times, the last postponement has moved the release date from spring to summer, a leap that allowed developers to add a lot of new equipment and, more importantly, introduce and refine medium and high level. The latter is excellent news since usually, in the latest MMOs, after a sparkling start, you always ended up having a chronic lack of game elements that caused the fun and interest to collapse. When these contents finally came out, it was by now too late to stop the exodus to other shores.

In addition to the game features already announced for some time, New World will now offer its users the new Expeditions, instantiated adventures designed for parties composed of up to five players in which we will have to face unique opponents and mechanics, bringing in the meantime, particular narrative arcs are completed. When the game officially debuts, it will contain Expeditions, but more will be added along the way.

Cursed Villains!

New World: The game has style to spare, and the setting choice is undoubtedly very interesting. During the presentation, two new regions were shown, among other things. The first is called Ebonscale Reach: it is a mountainous area of ​​oriental style, whose explorable peaks are shrouded in a thick humid fog, from which castles built in the clouds stand out. The second, Reekwater, on the other hand, proposes swampy areas inhabited by pirates and corrupt creatures.

The island of New World is threatened by several main villains, super character characters that players will have to face face to face when they feel really ready. Among them we made the acquaintance of Isabella, a red-eyed warrior, responsible for having corrupted and transformed into evil creatures hundreds of adventurers who tried to face her. It is then the turn of the Siren Queen, a sort of supernatural piratess of whom, however, very few details are known.

Blades, spells and bullets

New World: Sharpen your weapons, the Amazon game has creatures of all kinds and for every taste! The combat of New World, unlike other MMOs, is not linked to the classic list of powers to be activated based on the different cooldowns, but is oriented towards a much more action approach. More than the builds of the characters, here the difference will be made by the weapons chosen and on which you will have spent time in order to unlock the different special abilities.

In addition to the classic sidearms, the Amazon game offers spells and some simple firearms, for a trio that should at least on paper guarantee a great variety in the action. At launch, New World will offer its players eleven different weapon types, while others will arrive in the future.

Although the most recent gameplay changes leave us rather dubious, New World is without a doubt the most interesting MMO of the last. years, at least among those with a large budget behind them. Those who want to try to participate in the closed beta, active from 20 July, it is better to hurry up and register on the official website; all the others can safely wait for the official debut of the game which will take place, exclusively for PC, on August 31st.


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