Miitopia, 10 of the most amazing Miis

Miitopia, 10 of the most amazing Miis


We have had the opportunity to tell you in detail the various creative possibilities that Miitopia offers to players. Since the game's release on the Nintendo Switch, however, fans have enjoyed sharing their most imaginative and most successful Miis online, ranging from scary characters to others that are frighteningly well done. We therefore decided to make a selection, showing you what actually managed to create the community thanks to the enormous possibilities of the Mii editor.

We remind you that to download a Mii and add it to your collection you will have to open in the Mii section the menu with the X button, choose add Mii and then click on receive at that point you just have to enter one of the codes that you find below in the paragraphs dedicated to the characters. So here are 10 of the most surprising Miis we have seen created in Miitopia.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Miitopia: the character of Freddy Fazbear If you thought you had escaped the terror of Five Nights at Freddy's characters well, you know it's not! Who wouldn't download this creepy Freddy Fazbear Mii? In this case, the download code is: 8CHGY53.


Miitopia: Freeza's Mii The presence of one of the characters from Dragon Ball is inevitable. The Mii on the work of Akira Toriyama are really many but what we propose today is the stainless Freeza who in his final form, ready to face Goku on Namec. Are you sure you want to unleash the Emperor's wrath? In this case, download it through this code: 73FJTNK.


Miitopia: Usopp's Mii Another hugely successful anime is definitely One Piece. While the master Oda keeps everyone with bated breath going to reveal numerous mysteries of his work of him about to approach the final straight, the passionate players of Miitopia have paid homage to one of the Mugiwara, or the crew of Luffy, Straw Hat. For the occasion, here is a beautiful and sparkling Usopp downloadable with the code: 45JNVYT.


Miitopia: the Khezu Mii One of the most disturbing monsters of Monster Hunter Rise is definitely the Khezu , so why not turn a sweet Mii into a monster that will mark your nightmares? Try to defeat terror by downloading this Khezu with the code: 7T2BM8F.


Miitopia: Scorpion's Mii Impossible to think of the absence of one of the Mortal Kombat characters inside a set of player creations. So here is the famous Scorpion not only making its debut in the latest film dedicated to the work of NetherRealm but also in Miitopia. The download code is: 8CHGWH4.


Miitopia: the Mii of Igor Igor, a famous figure in the whole Persona saga, has certainly been one of the most disturbing and surprising surprises at the same time of this research. Don't believe it? Well download it to believe it. Here is the download code: 57RVMK3.


Miitopia: Sonic's Mii Staying on the gaming theme, the fastest and most famous blue hedgehog ever could not be missing. Here is the Mii version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Download code: 4K89M7X.

Crash Bandicoot

Miitopia: the Crash Mii If on one side we have Sonic on the other, Crash Bandicoot could not miss to counterbalance the altar of salsa remakes Mii of the most famous videogame characters. An exotic and whimsical transposition that of this Mii but certainly impactful. Download code: 5PF018J.

Troll Face

Miitopia: the Mii of the Troll Face The creativity of the players has no limits and barriers. So the Troll Face could not be expected not to invade Miitopia as well. Unmissable. The download code is: 6C0C3DL.


Miitopia: the Rengoku Mii The phenomenon of this precise historical moment is surely Demon Slayer who continues to grind record after record. With a film coming soon in Europe, a second season of the anime about to arrive and a video game created by the authors of Naruto Ninja Storm on the horizon, we could not expect an absence of the famous characters of the opera in Miitopia. For the occasion we have chosen the one that is the best result created so far, that is Rengoku. Unfortunately, however, we must report the absence of the download code and in this case we report the creator of the work or the user: DreamDrifters. What do you think?

Now the ball is yours: let us know in the comments which were the most impressive Miis you've seen, and maybe share their code with us.

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