macOS Monterey announced at Apple WWDC 2021: all the news and functions dedicated to MacBook and iMac

macOS Monterey announced at Apple WWDC 2021: all the news and functions dedicated to MacBook and iMac

macOS Monterey announced at Apple WWDC 2021

As the latest gem of WWDC 2021, Apple announced macOS Monterey, the new edition of the operating system for computers and notebooks from the Cupertino house. It too inherits all the features found in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, given the recent transition to M1 processors in numerous Macs. Apple wants to extend the entire ecosystem, bringing all the features to every device, in order to offer a continuous experience among all the products branded with the apple.

"macOS Monterey is full of features that help the 'Mac user to improve efficiency, communicate with friends and family in new and engaging ways, and work on Mac and iPad with never-before-seen synergy, "said Craig Federighi, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering. .

The novelties in this new version are not many, but each of them manages to perfect an already excellent user experience. Find out with us what changes in macOS Monterey and what new features await owners of Mac computers when the operating system arrives for everyone in the fall.

Features inherited from iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Media Sharing via FaceTime macOS Monterey inherits many features seen in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. For example, FaceTime calls now have a number of new audio and video features that make calls more natural. Thanks to spatial audio, voices in a FaceTime call appear to come from where the other party appears on the screen. Voice isolation ensures that your voice is heard clearly and uses machine learning to eliminate background noise. SharePlay included with FaceTime is a powerful set of system features that allows you to share certain experiences during a call or video call. The user can share songs, TV series, movies, projects and other content with friends and family in real time to be able to stay in touch even from a distance. Using a simple API, developers can plug their apps directly into FaceTime to take advantage of SharePlay's features. Likewise, you can share your screen using FaceTime, even across different devices. On macOS Monterey, for example, we will be able to see the iPhone screen in real time, perhaps to help a friend or relative solve some hitch with the smartphone.

Overview of what's new in macOS Monterey The Concentration function (in English Focus) allows those who use the Mac to filter notifications that are not relevant to the activity they are carrying out at that moment, to avoid unnecessary distractions and improve concentration . The user can report his he status to let other people know that he is focused on a specific activity and is not available. Once set, Concentration mode is automatically synchronized to other devices as well and can be customized according to the activity that is taking place, such as preparing a presentation or finishing a school project.

New Notes features help you organize, collaborate and create notes anywhere. Like on iPadOS it will be possible to mention team members and create custom tags within shared notes. Quick Notes is a new way for users to write notes in any app or site, at the system level, making it easy to jot down ideas on the fly whenever inspiration strikes. Particularly useful on iPad, this function also arrives on macOS Monterey to give greater continuity in use between various devices.


New Safari graphical interface on macOS Monterey Safari, which is already in itself the fastest browser in the world, it has been rethought from scratch with a new design and tab management that allows you to better explore the pages. A new tab bar at the top resumes the color of the web page visited. Tab groups also allow you to save and manage tabs in new ways: they are ideal for organizing trips, shopping or saving all the tabs that the user visits every day in convenient customized groups. Tab groups are also synced across Mac, iPhone and iPad, so the user can continue what they were doing anywhere and easily share tabs with family or friends. Apple also hides the IP address from the various trackers on the web, allowing us to perform safe browsing, without compromising browser performance.


Commands App on macOS Monterey The popular and very useful Commands application also debuts on Mac with the new macOS Monterey. Through this application, iPhone and iPad users have automated hundreds of actions within the operating system, to perform numerous daily tasks in sequence quickly and easily. Mac has always embraced automation, in fact over the years it has continued to evolve tools such as Automator. With the arrival of the Commands app on macOS, Aplle wants to take this important functionality to another level, creating specific commands for Mac. In the application library the Mac user will already find numerous basic commands to be able to experience the potential of this software . Obviously the real strength will then be the customization and ad-hoc creation of customized commands based on the user's daily use. A real and important novelty, which once again brings the macOS operating system closer to the others, making the Apple ecosystem even more connected.

Universal Control

Continuity on macOS Monterey Last but not least Apple took Continuity functionality to the next level on macOS and iPadOS. Now you can use your Mac's trackpad, mouse and keyboard on the iPad as well, creating a sort of screen extension between devices via Universal Control. For example, placing a MacBook Pro next to an iPad we can drag the cursor from macOS to iPadOS as if the tablet were an additional screen of our Mac. From the tablet we can then drag a file in an app and paste it into another application on macOS . These are not the Sidecar functions seen in recent years, where the Mac desktop is extended, but you are going to use two different operating systems with the same control system. Seeing it in action seemed truly excellent to us, and how it worked once again underlined Apple's desire to strengthen connections within its ecosystem.

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