How vaccination works in the company

How vaccination works in the company

From June also the vaccination campaigns within companies. Here are the rules and procedures to be respected

(photo: Dimhou / PixaBay) During the month of June, the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus can also be launched in the workplace. In all activities with a fairly high number of employees, the owner can activate company plans for vaccination and set up extraordinary vaccination points. Participation in the vaccination campaign will be on a voluntary basis for both companies and employees. In the event of adhesion to the initiative, all workers, regardless of the type of contract, will be able to receive the vaccine in the company.

How vaccination is activated in the workplace

Businesses must be based in the same territory as a health company capable of ensuring the necessary supply of vaccines. Workers must be informed of the initiative and the type of vaccine that will be administered. Participants must then give their adhesion to the general practitioner in charge, who is the owner of the treatment of health data, and never to the employer who is forbidden to collect adhesions. The companies then identify the rooms in which to activate the vaccination campaign, which can be internal, external or specially prepared mobile units. Alternatively, it is possible to use affiliated private structures or those of Inail (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work).

What the company must provide

Employers must provide the necessary space to ensure acceptance, administration of the vaccine and post-vaccination observation. An infirmary must also be set up with an emergency kit, support drugs and quality medical equipment. They must also ensure maximum safety throughout the process of receiving, storing and administering vaccines, providing the necessary equipment and medical personnel.

Who pays for vaccination in the workplace

The state will take care of the costs of supplying vaccines, delivery devices (ie needles and syringes), information material and recording tools. While doctors, nurses and vaccination personnel will be borne by the companies, as well as the expenses for the management of business plans. The state will fully cover the costs of vaccinations carried out at Inail health facilities, if the company is not required to appoint a competent doctor or cannot contact private facilities. Furthermore, if the vaccination were to be performed during working hours, the time required for the procedure will be considered to all intents and purposes as time spent in productive activities, so it will not have to be recovered and will not be deducted from the salary.

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