Chivalry 2: Test overview of medieval action - first ratings and conclusions

Chivalry 2: Test overview of medieval action - first ratings and conclusions

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 has been launched: The medieval action game has been available since June 8th. The rush of players was huge: around the launch, the players' reports of technical problems increased. The servers were so overloaded at the release that many players could not dial in. During the course of the launch day, the developers at Torn Banner finally got the problems under control. So the interest in Chivalry 2 is huge. The first tests, which are now available online, show how good the medieval action game has finally become.

Many tests are not yet available, and the press was only able to get into the game when it was released. Nevertheless, the first reviews give a rough overview of the quality of Chivalry 2 (buy now € 34.99 / € 35.99). The average rating of the PS5 version on Metacritic is currently 90 percent - with four submitted tests. On the other hand, eight tests are already live on Open Critic - with an average rating of 86 percent. COGconnected, for example, praises great hand-to-hand combat and challenging sword fights.

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Chivalry 2: Open Beta has started

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Chivalry 2: Open beta of the medieval action game is imminent

Everyone interested in the medieval action game Chivalry 2 will soon be able to get a taste of the medieval action game - on the PC and consoles. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1373749,1373553,1372978,1372254'; In addition, the multiplayer mode seems to promise "almost endless fun". Gamespew even comes to the conclusion that one of the "best online multiplayer" games awaits you. You can read more ratings and conclusions about Chivalry 2 below. Our test is currently in progress and awaits you on our website in the coming days. In our news area we will keep you up to date as usual.


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Chivalry 2: Test overview

Shaknews - 90

I often hear folks talk about their "comfort food game" - that game in which they can turn their mind off and just go at it for pure good feels and satisfaction. I feel like Chivalry 2 is that game for me. If it was even just that it's a game in which I can pulp a folk or two with a big honkin 'sword, ax, or whatever I can get my mitts on to often hilarious effect, I would be satisfied. That said, Torn Banner and Tripwire Interactive have poured no shortage of love into this game's environments, objectives, classes, and player customization. It's that dedicated level of support that will keep me coming back to the game and crossing swords for a long time to come.

COGconnected - 90

Chivalry 2 marries ridiculously violent melee combat to a tone that completely undercuts any notion that the mayhem should be taken seriously. With that out of the way, it provides accessible but ultimately challenging swordplay and the promise of nearly endless multiplayer fun. It doesn't try to do everything, but instead picks a lane and absolutely owns it.

Gfinity - 90

To be honest, I was taken off guard by how much fun I've had with Chivalry 2 so far. It scratches a very specific itch, and while I probably won't be signing on every night for the rest of the year, I have found myself loading the game up to play a few matches and hone my skills with the war club. The combat is the highlight for sure, but Chivalry 2's unique brand of slapstick and gore elevates it from being a straightforward medieval simulation game. By focusing on nailing the moment-to-moment fighting, it allows for player experimentation and roleplaying, rewarding those who want to have fun above those who take themselves too seriously.

The Gamer - 90

Chivalry 2 doesn't necessarily feel like a totally new game, but it brings a lot of little changes that make it feel like a fresh experience. While there are still a few kinks to be worked out, Chivalry 2 brings everything that I loved from the first game and takes it to the next level in an incredibly fun and addicting experience.

Gamespew - 90

Chivalry II is one of the best online multiplayer games I've ever played, it's as simple as that.

PCGamesN - 80

A first-person slasher for Monty Python fans rather than reenactors, Chivalry 2's unswerving dedication to fun and goofiness makes it a rare treat in modern multiplayer gaming.

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