Battlefield 5: Why the game isn't as stupid as you think

Battlefield 5: Why the game isn't as stupid as you think

Battlefield 5

Finally World War II again! Wait, that sounds very wrong, but I mean in game form, of course. In 2018, the Battlefield series came back to the beginning of its history and took on the world war setting again. And the fans like "Yeah! Cool!". Then the game was announced and appeared and everyone like this: "What the hell did you do with Battlefield?" Fans were anything but enthusiastic. The reputation as one of the worst games in the series spread, but I still can't understand it to this day. At this point in time, Battlefield 5 is one of my most played parts of the series, and I continue to have a lot of fun with the game. Despite or right now, when the new Battlefield 2042 has been announced and throws many well-tried mechanics overboard, I would even say: Battlefield 5 is not as stupid as you think!

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... and then came Battlefield 5

I've been an advocate of the Battlefield series for ages. Call of Duty? Get away with it! Whenever the Battlefield theme is played anywhere, I get goosebumps immediately. Well, I still played Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 exclusively with bots, because back then in the village you were still using ISDN on the Internet and had to pay money per minute. If I had played multiplayer online back then, my parents would probably have measured me by hand.

Battlefield has seen many settings. All the greater was the joy that the series wanted to return to its origins. Source: Electronic Arts / DICE But then things really started for me with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It was the first time I went online for hundreds of hours. Until then Battlefield 3 came and blew everything away. An absolute masterpiece that I put hundreds of hours into and even rose to a K / D of over 1 and higher. I didn't get too much out of Battlefield 4 after that. That was also due to the bad condition of the game at the release, but DICE has shown patience and love here, so that Part 4 is a fan favorite today. Battlefield Hardline is the show's unloved cousin and that's exactly how I treated him: with ignorance. And so I haven't touched this series part until today. But I was all the more excited about Battlefield 1. A new, fresh idea and a completely new setting in World War I. That was fun and it was a perfect fit for the series. And then came Battlefield 5 ...

These errors plagued the World War II shooter

That started off really badly. The first trailer was a shit of absolute cruelty. Completely overdone and overloaded, you really had to be afraid of an epileptic fit. Pseudo-funny sayings on a much too serious topic, people with futuristic prostheses, British soldiers with Japanese katana on their backs. Battlefield 5 couldn't have been worse. The fans went on the barricades because it looked too colorful and too much like "Generation Fortnite" and the developers countered with a little confident "buy it or not buy it". Only to then row back again, because the crazy customizations flew out in the end and were reduced to more authentic disguises.

The cruel reveal trailer of BF5 02:34

Battlefield 5: Gameplay trailer for the World War -Shooter to loadVideoPlayer ('78145', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 16, '16: 9 ', false, 1373677, false, 267058, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); Battlefield 5 from 22.90 € But even after the release, things didn't go smoothly. There were a lot of bugs in the release, the netcode, i.e. the program that takes care of communication with the server and you, didn't seem to go well and the balancing in general wasn't perfect. For example, to this day I am of the opinion that airplanes are far too powerful. In the further course, DICE also fumbled regularly with the Time to Kill and the Time to Death. The terms describe the time how long you have to hold on to a player before he tips over and vice versa. These changes meant that the players had to get used to it all the time.

The biggest problem for Battlefield 5 was the content. Before that, it was common practice to sell extra DLCs with new maps. However, because that divides the player base, Battlefield 5 decided to take a service approach. So new, free content should come constantly. That's why the main game was equipped with fewer multiplayer cards than its predecessor when it was released. Battlefield 1 had 13 maps and Battlefield 5 had only nine. Only EA had miscalculated properly, because what came there was far too little.

The start was even promising. A month after the release, a huge map was added and a pretty good single player campaign.

Among other things, a new version of the popular Metro map from Battlefield 3 came out. But the effort was in vain. Many players had moved on. Source: DICE But that was it for a while. In the following months, DICE fed fans with rebuilt, but familiar, cards. On top of that, game modes were only gradually added that were included in previous games from the start. Rush, for example, could only be played every now and then. If you ask me, it was an absolutely crazy idea to only offer such popular modes on a time-exclusive basis. Five months later came the widely announced Battle Royale mode. Actually it wasn't bad at all, just nobody wanted it! At this point, fans had been shouting for new maps for multiplayer for months. However, DICE simply had to set aside so many resources for battle royale and bug fixing that no replenishment could come on the most important front.

It was not until seven months after the release that the content finally started with new multiplayer cards. But even there it trickled slowly, at least steadily. It should have been like this right after the release, then the game would probably have had a longer life. Support for Battlefield 5 was discontinued just one and a half years after the release, in mid-2020.

Take a look behind the bugs

Well, and now I'll come around the corner, another one A year later and with a completely new Battlefield on the horizon coming in October and wanting to tell you, should you give Battlefield 5 another chance?

Yeah, I'll do just that!

After When the game came to a standstill, the benefits of Battlefield 5 became apparent. Source: Electronic Arts / DICE Because the whole time I stayed more, sometimes less on the ball and I have to tell you: Over time, Battlefield 5 has become a great multiplayer shooter and has fantastic ideas that move the series and the atmosphere far ahead brought. Team play in particular has moved much more into focus. It starts with the equipment. If you spawn into a game, you will not start with full ammunition. Supporters who throw you a packet of ammunition are always worth gold. The paramedics have also become more important. If you are hit, you do not regenerate to full health by taking a short breath, but only to a certain extent. Only when you use your medipack do you get full life and a new medipack is only available from the paramedic.

The uncle doctor is more important than ever when it comes to support, but also when attacking. One of the standard tools for the Medic is the grenade launcher with smoke grenades. Not only do they look chic, they are incredibly relevant to the attack. When your team is cannon fodder in the open, you simply fog everything up quickly and the opponents can no longer see you and target you. So if I ever see one of you as a medic without smoke grenades, I'll be in trouble!

The 3D spotting has also been revised well. Briefly explained: When you see an opponent, you press a button and then the position of the opponent for the entire team is displayed on the minmap for a few seconds. The enemy is also given a small mark above their head, which I think is realistic because after all, I would also let my colleagues know if I saw an enemy in the field. The problem in the earlier games was that you could hit the mocking button if you were lucky and you would mark someone. The system has been revised for Battlefield 5. Now you can just put markers into the world, regardless of whether there is an opponent or not. Blind spotting is no longer effective. Only the scout can properly 3D-mock opponents with his flare gun or his binoculars - and that brings us back to team play.

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The best battle atmosphere of the series

But my absolute highlight is the Pacific update, which came shortly before the end of support. That brought four new cards and two new parties - Japan and the USA - into play. Since then I have played these cards almost exclusively. The subject of "battle atmosphere" has always been a top priority at Battlefield, so I want to report on the "Iwo Jima" map as an example. Series veterans still know them from Battlefield 1942. It was completely redesigned for the Pacific update and I would like to say with all seriousness: In my opinion, one of the best Battlefield maps of all time came out.

The Pacific- Update brought a lot of content and gave Battlefield 5 a new boost. Source: DICE / EA Especially in breakthrough mode, it unfolds its full atmosphere. In this mode, a team of attackers must conquer various points. Then the zone advances and the next points must be conquered. The attackers only have limited tickets to respawn. The defenders have to counter this and bring the attackers' tickets to zero. With each zone conquered the attackers get tickets back.

Iwo Jima tells a fantastic story in a very subtle way, because on the US side you take off from aircraft carriers and land on the dark beaches of the island. So you have to conquer the beach first. Then it's on up the beach to the Japanese fortifications. The bullets fly around your ears, tanks shoot craters in the sand and planes fight over you. As always, the sound is top notch and the air is thick to cut. That has the best D-Day atmosphere!

On the dark beaches of Iwo Jima, an atmospheric battle is almost always assured. Source: EA / DICE From there, the route continues inland to Mount Suribachi. There you first struggle through a cave system until you finally storm to the summit with a last effort and usually only with a handful of tickets. In the background, the game dynamically fades in the fantastic soundtrack, which increases the less tickets you have or the closer you get to capturing the last flag. As soon as you have taken it and with a look down from the mountain to the beach you can see all the way that you have come, you just have a great feeling. After all, you fought your way across the whole island. In such moments I forgive the game for all the mistakes that unfortunately God still has.

Give the game another chance!

Still: For me, Battlefield 5 has one of the best multiplayer parts in the series and brings that feeling right into the middle like no other modern shooter. Of course, it's difficult for me to influence your opinion, especially if you've had bad experiences. Nevertheless, I recommend you: Play a few rounds again. Especially if you haven't done this in a while and maybe even missed the Pacific update. You won't regret it.

See you on Iwo Jima!

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