Battlefield 2042 isn't the only project DICE is working on

Battlefield 2042 isn't the only project DICE is working on

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After a long period of absence, the Battlefield series is finally returning to the spotlight. The lack of a new chapter in the series for many years is about to pay off with the release of Battlefield 2042. Fans are also eager to get their hands on the title, so much so that recently Battlefield 4 servers have also started filling up. . In short, it seems that Electronic Arts wants to focus more on the franchise in the coming years, now that some new job announcements may have revealed the arrival of an unreleased game in the series.

Some job offers at Electronic have appeared on LinkedIn Arts to work in DICE studios as Analyst Manager, UI Visual Scripter, Art Director, Technical Artist (Shaders) and Game Designer. What is particularly interesting, however, is the announcement for an Audio Director, which directly mentions the development of a new video game. Among the many information related to the role, no mention is made of the nature nor of the name of the game, which is why the details are extremely few.

As this is a job position in DICE, we could naturally expect a chapter of the Battlefield series, however, many speculate that Electronic Arts and the developer have returned to develop a new Mirror's Edge game, which would make fans of the first two titles of the franchise really happy. Expectations, however, go towards a new Battlefield, perhaps to the rumored stand-alone battle royale and free-to-play game, which should have been released simultaneously with Battlefield 2042.

We already know that the next chapter of the series is designed to last many years, thus functioning as a Game as a Service, however it is not impossible that Electronic Arts and DICE are already working to think about the next great Battlefield, perhaps starting the preliminary stages of development. For now, unfortunately, this is all the information in our possession. However, we already know that some news on Battlefield 2042 will arrive during the EA Play Live on July 22, which is why we recommend that you stay connected on our pages so as not to miss any updates.

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