The bizarre review of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 3

The bizarre review of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 3

JoJo Stone Ocean Part 3 was awaited with great anticipation by the growing number of fans of Hirohiko Araki's mind-blowing and always surprising work. This third part opens immediately after the escape from the Dolphin Street Penitentiary in which the first two parts of the season are set. Already in this sense we can notice the first big difference, on a narrative level, compared to all the previous sagas: not only Stone Ocean introduces the first female protagonist, but the entire first part and the central one are set in a closed place, which necessarily limits the actions of the protagonists and the diversification of the seabed.

With JoJo Stone Ocean Part 3  we instead go back to exploring the outside world, which is a suggestive pleasure for the eyes due to the attention to detail and the search for realism in the settings; moreover, the narrative possibilities offered by the outside world are much greater than the four walls of the prison.

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The bizarre review of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 3

From any point of view , JoJo Stone Ocean Part 3 constitutes a huge leap in quality compared to the previous two parts, which in any case reached stratospheric levels, compared to other works as well. Unfortunately, those who know JoJo know that it's impossible to reveal even the smallest details, because each of these details has an important role in the narrative or is mind-blowing in itself. Forgive us, therefore, if we feel obliged to be deliberately vague to avoid spoilers that would be decidedly unpleasant.

Stone Ocean in an image taken from the official Netflix poster We can however tell you, however regards the Stands, which also in this case you will find yourself wondering what the hell you are looking at: inexplicable phenomena, wounds that seem to appear out of nowhere and completely crazy and improbable powers like that of Bohemian Rhapsody and Sky High, even if the Total Folly Award for Stone Ocean is won hands down by Made In Heaven (of course Araki must like Queen a lot…). From a visual point of view, in fact, staging, well-kept animations, character designs, settings and vivid colors are, as always, a trademark of the Japanese animation studio.

A final to the Futurama

JoJo's final transformation into Stone Ocean Part 3  into a sci-fi series is truly mind-blowing. We have certainly had several tastes of science fiction previously, especially thanks to the Stands that allow you to manipulate time to your liking, but these were sporadic cases. In this case, however, science fiction invades and pervades the entire narrative universe to the point of changing it in a very, very drastic way. All this will inevitably lead to the next step in JoJo's evolution.

Do you think that the abrupt turn of the story has had such important effects on JoJo's general narration as to transform the work from shōnen to seinen: the changes introduced in Stone Ocean , in fact, they made sure that the following saga, Steel Ball Run , began to be published in the same magazine as the other sagas, the famous Weekly Shōnen Jump of the Shūeisha publishing group (magazine of shonen manga, dedicated, therefore, in prevalence to an adolescent male audience), to then be completed in Ultra Jump, still belonging to the Shūeisha group (magazine of seinen manga, dedicated, therefore, mainly to a more mature male audience).

Stone Ocean therefore has the great merit of having brought JoJo's Bizarre Adventures towards a further stage of unpredictable, absurd, bizarre and completely different evolution compared to contemporary series, but with a decidedly more linear and predictable structure (who said : “ Dragon Ball “?).

As for the reference to Futurama in the title of this paragraph, unfortunately we cannot reveal in detail which episode we are referring to, because it would be a truly devastating spoiler on JoJo's ending Stone Ocean Part 3. However, we believe it is necessary to talk about it to provide a comprehensive explanation of what happens in the finale of this saga, so we have decided to deal with this topic in a separate article (which, unlike this one, will by necessity be chock full of spoilers).

Final conclusions (this time they really are, that is, it's over)

JoJo Stone Ocean Part 3 is the epilogue more than worthy of a saga among the most criticized by fans of the by Hirohiko Araki. We realize that the ending can be considered at least controversial by some enthusiasts, but we found the use of a really existing scientific theory as an indispensable narrative device particularly spot on, as well as decidedly audacious (just as one would expect from a revolutionary author like Araki). to the change in the series.

In general, we did not appreciate the subdivision of the series into 3 episodes of episodes, because watching several episodes together and then having to wait several months "breaks" the suspense much more than the weekly distribution which, being more constant, it is also easier to follow. However, only in the specific case of this third and final part did the choice prove to be spot on, since this opens with the escape from prison and is, therefore, the only one set in the outside world.

As always, JoJo stands out for her extreme originality even in the contemporary panorama, and not only as regards the shōnen, but also for her unique and inimitable modulations of the concept of "superpower". Although Stone Ocean was published between 1999 and 2003, both the original manga and the anime created by David Production are timeless and, therefore, eternally current.

Bizarre, crazy, "mindblowing" , unpredictable, exciting and moving, JoJo Stone Ocean Part 3 is a more than perfect conclusion not only for the saga itself, but also for a macro-narrative arc that closes definitively, thus leading the series "towards new, alternative horizons" , to quote Barney Gumble from The Simpsons .

The complete season of JoJo Stone Ocean is available to watch exclusively on Netflix , along with Phantom Blood/Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders .

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