Sangiuliano, all the "men" of the Minister of Culture

Sangiuliano, all the men of the Minister of Culture


The goal seems clear enough: to get rid of an unspoken "inferiority complex," to dispel the myth of culture as the monopoly of the left and to demonstrate that the so-called "sovereignty" is not just a right-wing electoral response to the hateful impulses of the penultimate against the latter, but it can become a real hegemonic political and cultural movement in the country. This is behind the great spoil system operation implemented by the Minister of Culture of the Meloni government, Gennaro Sangiuliano. 

former director of Tg2, a loyalist of the prime minister, has found fertile ground and it is unlikely that his appointments, at least in this first phase, will see sensational protests by operators in the sector, tired of a gangrenous system made up of now self-referential power groups which for decades have been self-celebrating among themselves, exchanging seats and moderating each other's book presentations.In the crisis of the progressive camp, which is not alone and lectoral and political but also (above all?) cultural, the far right is now trying to impose itself with its slogans and above all with its men.

The Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano Franco Origlia/Getty Images“Our national identity is imbued with the Christian one”, tweeted the minister from Subiaco to celebrate the donation of the abbey fortress to the city by the Benedictine monks, underlying that "God, country, family" which will now also forcefully enter museums, festivals and cultural events managed or supervised by its offices. And that "with culture you don't eat" of Tremont's memory seems very distant, almost a shame that you want to erase in order to write a new story with ancient words. Of course, it must not have been easy to find the interpreters: the field is new and almost unexplored, but between well-established figures such as the evergreen Vittorio Sgarbi and lesser-known personalities such as Francesco Giubilei, it can be stated that at the moment, contradicting all forecasts, it is precisely on culture that the new government is trying to have the greatest impact.

The names:

Sgarbi's priorities, the failed minister Beatrice Venezi, the "director" Francesco Giubilei, the boy prodigy “sponsored” in talk shows Alessandro Giuli, the great setback While culture is in pieces, Minister Sangiuliano wants to use Spid to send us to the cinema Siae photographs the state of crisis in the entertainment and sport sector after two years of crisis. The response from the Minister of Culture is 10 million to cinemas "to see Italian films" Vittorio Sgarbi

Simona Granati - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

The priorities of Sgarbi, the failed minister

Who he promises to make the most noise of all, that Vittorio Sgarbi who in the midst of the pandemic was removed by weight from the Montecitorio courtroom after insulting colleagues and the judiciary using his usual colorful expressions. The scene, filmed by newspapers and television, reminded many of Raphael's deposition of Christ. He gladly accepted the comparison by replying on Facebook: "They wanted to depose me but they just moved me".

Minister failed, the volcanic art historian had to settle for being moved to the chair of undersecretary, but he already seems to have some clear priorities: divide tourists and citizens in museums and make the hated wind turbines disappear, which, according to him, shouldn't be put anywhere because - in his exact words - "they are horrors and violence, like raping children".

Beatrice Venezi Daniele Venturelli/WireImage via Getty Images

Beatrice Venezi, the “director”

If Sgarbi had been appointed Minister of Culture, he would have made the singer Morgan adviser for music: perhaps even for this reason Gennaro Sangiuliano was chosen, who strongly wanted the conductor Beatrice Venezi for that role. Talented 'social addicted' musician and red carpet lover, daughter of a manager of the neo-fascist organization Forza Nuova, when asked about her parent she replies: "I would be ashamed if I had parents who smoked joints. Or a mother like Cirinnà, who publishes the photo 'God, country and family, what a shitty life', which are my values ​​instead".

Friend and great admirer of the premier, she attended the last convention of the Brothers of Italy in Milan and reached a peak of notoriety not so much for her indisputable talent as a very young conductor, but for being co-host of the fourth evening of the Sanremo Festival in 2021. On that occasion, as a perfect product approved by the sovereign algorithm, she asked Amadeus to be called "director".

Bigino for Minister Sangiuliano on films "right" that already exist The new Minister of Culture complains that no films or fictions have been dedicated to figures more loved by conservative circles such as D'Annunzio, Fallaci or Pirandello. Too bad they already exist, are available on Rai channels or streaming platforms or, as in the case of La Stranezza su Pirandello, are having good success at the box office. Francesco Giubilei Facebook

Francesco Giubilei, the boy prodigy "sponsored" in the talks- show

Perhaps the most singular of Sangiuliano's appointments is that of the very young Francesco Giubilei. President of the Tatarella Foundation and of the Nazione Futura movement, he is one of the megaphones of the right on social networks (his Twitter profile is a perfect middle ground between that of Mario Adinolfi and that of Fratelli d'Italia). Melonism prodigy boy, as soon as he came of age he was already a publisher who published texts by Gianni Alemanno and Paolo Becchi, in partnership with the Modenese entrepreneur Giorgio Regnani, because money is also needed to print and distribute books.

His career as a bookseller was less fortunate: the two “Cultora” bookshops, opened in Milan and Rome, did not take off and had to lower the shutters. His arrival at the ministry was almost announced by the numerous TV appearances (from Rai to La7, he can also be found twice a day on the small screen), a media operation of flash promotion of the character that is more unique than rare.

Alessandro Giuli Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

Alessandro Giuli, the great setback

And if there were a world ranking of setbacks, at the top we would find the appointment of Alessandro Giuli to the presidency of the Maxxi Foundation instead by Giovanna Melandri, who in the last decade has been the undisputed hostess of the National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome, one of the symbolic places of the former "Rome model" of the centre-left juntas of Francesco Rutelli and Walter Veltroni. Another representative of the right on talk shows, former deputy director of Il Foglio and then collaborator of Linkiesta, Il Tempo and Libero, he also boasts a long friendship with Giorgia Meloni (his wife follows the communication of the Minister of Agriculture and food sovereignty, Francesco Lollobrigida , brother-in-law of the premier) and is a loyalist of Sangiuliano.

Of all the appointments, Giuli's is perhaps the one that most embodies, at least symbolically, the attempt of the right to overthrow the hegemony of the left on the cultural front. Complicated operation, because with the same subdivision he will have to deal with a demanding public and with many critical issues complained about by insiders. Real problems that are not solved with seemingly new faces, invitations to talk shows and the simple occupation of unoccupied spaces.

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