Cameroon-Brazil, where to see the World Cup match in Qatar

Cameroon-Brazil, where to see the World Cup match in Qatar


We have reached the last day of the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar. Among the challenges not to be missed today is Cameroon-Brazil. At the end of these matches, the calendar for the Round of 16 will finally be defined, which will already start tomorrow. Brazil is now automatically qualified for the next round, while Cameroon will have to overcome the arduous obstacle of the green and gold to hope to go ahead in this World Championship.

With the closure of the groups, the phase in which there is there were four games a day, all visible on television and free-to-air on Rai channels. In fact, the knockout matches will start tomorrow and will culminate on December 18 with the awaited Final.

How to watch Cameroon-Brazil on television

Cameroon-Brazil will be one of the two matches to close the group stage, and can be viewed at 8pm on Rai 1 . This match too will be clearly visible like all those broadcast by Rai in this 2022 World Championship.

How to watch the match in 4k

The novelty of the matches of this World Cup in Qatar is that they can be viewed using the 4K resolution of the most modern smart TVs. To do this, all you need is an internet connection with a speed of at least 15Mbps. This system guarantees the best television experience in watching a game, thanks to the high image quality and details not normally visible. In order to take advantage of the 4k resolution you will have to follow simple instructions.

Start by connecting your Smart TV to the internet, making sure the speed is at least 15Mbps. Carry out the retuning of the channels, in this way all those visible in HD will be identified, including the one that interests us. Finally, tune your television to channel 101 so you can watch the match in 4k. Many televisions released in recent years support this resolution which is slowly becoming the standard of high image quality.

How to see Cameroon-Brazil in Streaming

Another method to see the games even when you can't access your TV, it will be streamed. In fact, Rai allows you to watch the matches broadcast via its own streaming platform called RaiPlay. Thanks to this totally free service, it will be possible to watch all the matches of the World Cup from your mobile device or computer. RaiPlay also allows you to see reruns of programs broadcast in the last seven days and enjoys a vast catalog of films, programmes, dramas and documentaries visible On Demand.

How to install RaiPlay on your device

Using RaiPlay is very simple. If you use a PC, all you need to do is connect to the website and register to be able to access all the platform's services. Otherwise you can download an app depending on your mobile device. Here are the links you can use to download the different versions of the app:

RaiPlay for iOs RaiPlay for Android RaiPlay for Amazon FireTV This app is usually installed by default on smart TVs, if not, just look for it in the television store.

The other matches of the day and curiosities about the match

This last day also sees the last rounds conclude so that, at the end of the four scheduled matches, we will know who will be sixteen teams that will access the Round of 16. At 4 pm, South Korea-Portugal and Ghana-Uruguay will compete, the first on Rai 1 and the second on Rai Sport. Always on the latter goal mentioned, at 8 pm there will be a match between Serbia and Switzerland to decide who will accompany the Brazilian national team to the final phase of the World Cup.

Portugal is now automatically qualified thanks to its two victories in the matches precedents, while Ghana is second with three points and will try everything to be able to pass to the round of 16. Uruguay and South Korea, on the other hand, are both last with just one point, and their possible qualification is hanging by a very fragile thread, especially for Korea who will have to contend with Portugal.

Brazil after two victories consecutive points to the third against the African national team of Cameroon, even if it is not necessary for the qualification, given that it is now guaranteed for the green and gold. Cameroon, on the other hand, must win at all costs, given that they are tied for third in the standings with Serbia with just one point. On the other hand, for Switzerland, currently with three points, a draw or a victory will be enough to detach the ticket that will take them to the round of 16.

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