Who is Elrond, Lord of Rivendell?

Who is Elrond, Lord of Rivendell?

Who is Elrond

Elrond, the Lord of Rivendell, is one of the key characters in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Rings of Power and is present in all major works written by the British writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien . The lord of Imladris (this is the name of Rivendell in Sindarin) is played in the Peter Jackson Trilogy by Hugo Waeving, while in The Rings of Power he is played by Robert Aramayo.

To subscribe to the Amazon streaming service Prime Video also taking advantage of the 30-day trial, you can use this link A fundamental and significant figure in the entire history of Arda, Elrond is one of the most powerful Elf lords from Ancient Times, and his role in the entire narrative arc is fundamental. Tolkien himself, in a letter written in the book The Reality in Transparency, admits that he created Elrond by pure chance, and that he never expected him to become such an illustrious figure within the tale.

Who is Elrond, the Half-elf?

Elrond was born during the First Era in Beleriand, between the Mouths of Sirion, a pleasant and peaceful place. Son of Earendil and Elwing and grandson of Lùthien Tinuviel, he is the brother of Elros, the first king of Numenor, who chose to become a Mortal Man soon after the events of the War of Wrath. Elrond is also a member of the House of Fingolfin as he is the great-grandson of Turgon, while on his mother's side he is descended from Thingol and Melian, and d is related to the House of Hador through his grandfather Tuor and to the House of Beor by his great-grandfather Beren.| ); }
After the conclusion of the War of Wrath and the destruction of Beleriand, as half-elves, he and his brother were given the opportunity to choose whether to belong to Men or to Elves as a gift from Iluvatar. Elrond decided to join the Elves, joining the House of Gil-galad, his cousin and the last king of the Noldor, with whom he arrived in Lindon, a western region overlooking the Great Sea.

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Elrond, however, managed to escape with some of the Noldor and to reach Eriador, founding the stronghold of Rivendell (or Imladris, as you prefer), the Last Welcoming House and the only bulwark against the hordes of orcs led by Sauron. He took part in the War of the Last Alliance, always as Herald of Gil-galad, who, however, met his death on the battlefield on the slopes of Mount Doom. After the defeat of Sauron, he tried to convince Isildur to throw the Ring of Power into the chasm of the fiery mountain, but without great results: the new king of Gondor, seduced by the power of the One, kept it to himself, and so to evil it was allowed to persist. Elrond was entrusted with Vilya, the most powerful of the Rings forged by Celebrimbor.

To mark him deeply was the attempted assassination by the Orcs of his wife, which sustained innumerable wounds. The tortures suffered by her convinced her to leave Middle-earth to reach the Blessed Realm, saddening Elrond. Aware, however, that he would be reunited with her in Aman, part of her was relieved. By agreeing to welcome Isildur's heirs, Elrond also raised Aragorn son of Arathorn and Gilraen, accepting him at his court. He witnessed the birth of love between his daughter Arwen and the heir to the throne of Gondor. He also welcomed Thorin Oakenshield, the dwarves, the sorcerer Gandalf and the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, knowing before anyone else the goal of their journey: to regain the Lonely Mountain, occupied by the evil dragon Smau g. As a member of the White Council, he participated in the expulsion of the Necromancer from the dark fortress of Dol-Guldur in Mirkwood, later realizing that it was Sauron, who was banished to Mordor in turn.

Before the outbreak of the War of ' Ring, Elrond summoned ancient friends and distant allies, as the Ring of Power, once owned by Sauron, was in the hands of the least relevant creature there was. The Council of Elrond determined that the only way to eliminate the Ring of Power would be to throw it into Mount Doom, and thus the Fellowship of the Ring was born, charged with protecting its bearer. Elrond remained in Rivendell, traveling to Minas Tirith for his daughter's wedding to Aragorn. From that moment, peace was assured, and his last part of the journey began. He decided to reunite with his wife in Valinor, leaving Middle-earth forever.

The Lord of Rivendell in The Rings of Power

Coming to the conclusion of the first season of The Rings of Power, it is inevitable to reflect on the presence of Elrond within the story. He appears wise but unpredictable, and is deeply friends with Galadriel and Durin, the future king of Khazad-Dum. This report, although well written by the showrunners of the series, does not exist in the books and is not mentioned in the Peter Jackson Trilogy. It actually replaces the friendship between Celebrimbor and the dwarf Narvi, and recalls the one that linked Gimli and Legolas in The Lord of the Rings, despite the disagreement between the two races over King Thranduil. As we already pointed out with our special on Galadriel a few days ago, the series tries to be faithful to the Appendices of The Lord of the Rings, perhaps taking too many liberties.

And in the case of Elrond, in fact, we believe that the character has not been properly exploited by the director, as he has been left too far on the sidelines. The camera has focused more on his relationship with Durin, and also it was not Elrond who discovered who was hiding in the guise of Halbrand, and it is not clear if Annatar, who is always Sauron, will be present soon, now that is all. perfectly clear. The second season will have to involve him more, because his presence will be relevant in the future.

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