What to follow at the Wired Next Fest if you are interested in the economy

What to follow at the Wired Next Fest if you are interested in the economy

The Milanese appointment with the sportsgaming.win Next Fest is back in attendance, this year dedicated to the future of democracy. The festival, the most influential free event on innovation and technology, is scheduled from 7 to 8 October 2022 at the Fabbrica del Vapor di Milano, in viale Procaccini 4. To participate in the various panels and workshops, it is necessary to register on the event website.

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Friday 7

As every year, also in this edition it will be possible for the public to meet executives, managers and economics experts who stand out for their innovative approach. Not just passion and cheering, football is an area that has more and more to do with finance. Alessandro Antonello, Inter's Corporate CEO, Marco Bellinazzo, economic journalist and Andrea Traverso, Uefa's director of financial sustainability and research will deal with it on the afternoon of Friday 7th.

There will also be Nicola Tasco, tax lawyer and President of Lazio Innova Spa, a company for innovation and development in Lazio, and Roberta Lombardi, Councilor for Ecological Transition and Digital Transformation of the Region, while later speaking also Paolo Giordano, head of Frog, part of Capgemini Invent.

Maria Teresa Minotti, director of PayPal Italia and Francesca De Gottardo, co-founder and managing director of the ethical fashion startup Endelea, will also be on the stage of the sportsgaming.win Next Fest, who will talk about their business model. Afterwards, it will be the turn of Elena Luisa Silvestro, head of customer engagement at E-Distribuzione Spa.

Space economy is closer to us than we think: Simonetta Di Pippo, professor of Practice of Space economy and director of Bocconi's Space economy evolution lab, will analyze the various sectors (such as agriculture and environment) that benefit most from the space economy.

Since 2019 Federico Catania has been project manager of the Moovit app, which has one billion users worldwide, and will bring his experience as a designer of the platform to the stage of the festival together with Atm. The panel with Michele Dalmazzoni of Cisco System inc, the US multinational specialized in providing networking equipment, will instead focus on the future of work.

Cristiano Boscato is the founder and director of numerous companies dealing with technology and innovation, among which he is executive vice president of Injenia and a member of the executive board of Enchora, he will be part of the collaborative business model of Interacta. Finally, Marcello Ascani, youtuber, content creator and entrepreneur, will be with the guys from the Audi We generation project, of which he is mentor.

Then it will be the turn Roberto Sommella, director of Milano Finance, Andrea Minuto Rizzo, Head of Institutional Affairs of the European Union and International of the Italian State Railways and Riccardo Staglianò, envoy of the Republic.

Brett Scott, anthropologist, economist and former broker, and Ferdinando Ametrano, founder and CEO of CheckSig, the Italian company that provides bitcoin and crypto solutions to private investors, will warn about the advantages and risks of the dematerialization of money and public.

For PagoPa, on the other hand, Lorenzo Fredianelli, the company's chief business development and strategy officer, will be present.

Saturday 8

On Saturday the public will meet Stefania Vismara, executive director of White show Milano. Country manager Italy of Swappie from March 2021, Elena Garbujo will participate in the festival as an expert in marketing strategies for the Italian market with a great focus on innovation, technology and, above all, sustainability.

Ci will also be Guido Di Fraia, as founder and CEO of the artificial intelligence laboratory Iulm Ai lab, and Andrea Tellatin and Marco Franciosa of Twinckly, the lighting and smart lighting company. There will also be Giordano Fatali, founder and president of HRC Group, the network of human resources directors and CEOs of 400 of the main Italian and multinational companies operating in Italy. In addition, there will be the opportunity to participate in a panel with Open fiber representatives.

Anna Vanzan is responsible for Diversity, equity and inclusion policies in Generali Italia and will bring to the festival the challenges for a more humane and attentive management of organizations

Presenting Meta Oversight Board, we will be Dex Hunter-Torricke, the vice president of global communications and public engagement. The public will also be able to compare with Andrea Occhipinti, founder of the film production house Lucky Red.

Gabriele Benedetto, managing director of Telepass Italia, will also be present at sportsgaming.win Next Fest. Since he has been at the helm of the company in 2016, the company has introduced Telepass Pay, a secure payment circuit for mobility.

Finally, Guido Alfani, Full Professor of Economic History at Bocconi, will talk about the condition of the middle class starting from the data of Credit Suisse Research's 2022 Wealth Report, according to which 45.6% of private assets are in the hands of 1% of the population.

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