Washing machines | The best of 2022

Washing machines | The best of 2022

One of the appliances that often do not pay due attention is the washing machine, with a purchase that is very often dictated by the urgency and desire to grab the cheapest model on the market. Sometimes acting in this way could be unproductive because important factors could be overlooked that can lead to immediate improvement of its use, and that is why today we want to offer you what we believe to be the best washing machines that can currently be found on the market.

See the Best Washing Machines on SOS Home & Garden Since it's not a once-a-month purchase, you have to think carefully before finding the perfect device, reflecting that at best, it will pass with us a few years earlier to be replaced, so it is important to think about its washing quality or its practicality in opening the door, in the possible addition of cloths during washing and not to mention what for many is the very important economic factor. In this selection we have taken into account all these factors and even more, selecting what we believe to be the best models that can be purchased online, obviously dealing with both cheaper solutions (with less functionality) and also those that are considered the top of the range in the sector.

Read also: Washer-dryer | The best of 2022 Before leaving you to our selection, we remind you to take into consideration the fundamental characteristics for the purchase of a washing machine (which you will find at the end of this page) and to base your choice on what the use will be you will do it in everyday life, to avoid finding a product at home that does not meet your needs. So get ready to be advised by our selection of the best washing machines available on the market. So are you ready for shopping? It begins!

The best washing machines to buy

Haier HW80-B14CIN Bosch Serie 6 Hisense WFGE7012V LG Smart AI DD Hoover HW 410AMC

Haier HW80-B14CIN

Generic photos As the first product of this buying guide, we want to recommend the purchase of a washing machine capable of doing its job very well, without necessarily having to negatively impact energy consumption. Its name is Haier HW80-B14CIN, and therefore represents a great deal for those who live alone or for a couple. The load capacity is 8 kilograms, which is why it can wash several items of clothing at the same time. It boasts a truly powerful motor, connected directly to the basket, to offer unmatched durability under any circumstance. In addition to this, it also has the steam option, which allows you to remove any stain from your clothes, effectively and efficiently.


Bosch Serie 6

Despite its small size, just 59.8 x 59 x 84.8 cm, the Bosch Series 6 washing machine manages to have a large 9 kg drum capable of reaching up to 1200 rpm, but above all it is equipped with a particular design in the side walls which gives more stability and less vibrations both during normal washing and in the spin phase. Bosch Series 6 fully respects the canons of ActiveWater technology that allows you to obtain perfect results using the right amount of water, and also has some modes that allow you to reduce washing times by up to 65%, namely the VarioPerfect mode. We would like to point out in particular the presence of a washing program, Allergy Plus, which will allow you to completely clean and sanitize your garments from all substances harmful to you.


Hisense WFGE7012V

Generic photos Compact, powerful and fast, the Hisense WFGE7012V washing machine represents a concentration of technology at the service of all housewives and housewives. We are talking about a product that has a stainless steel basket capable of holding up to 54 liters of clothing. In addition to this, it has an energy class B which, compared to those belonging to the lower classes, will ensure net savings in the energy bill. Furthermore, among its functions we find the special “AllergyCare” program, which uses a higher temperature and an extra rinse to effectively eliminate traces of detergent from the fabric, totally removing allergens from your clothes. In short, a washing machine to be seized on the fly, also considering its competitive selling price!


LG Smart AI DD

If you are looking for a washing machine that allows the greatest number of possible washing combinations, the LG Smart AI DD is the one for you. With over 20,000 possibilities with which to wash your laundry this washing machine is made for those with special needs. The 9 kg basket connected directly to the Inverter Direct Drive motor helps to reduce noise and vibrations. Artificial intelligence allows you to choose the perfect washing mode based on the laundry, starting with the type of fabrics and even allowing the choice of movements to be made, through a large and clear display with all the information available. The LG Smart Ai DD washing machine is compatible with SmarThinQ technology, and therefore a simple Wi-Fi connection is enough to connect it with the other smart devices in the house, and receive commands via voice assistant.


Hoover HW 410AMC

As the last product of this guide we want to tell you about a washing machine that combines effectiveness and efficiency, in particular the Hoover HW 410AMC, which is positioned on the medium-low range of the market and, as specified above, it guarantees top-level performance, supported by smart functionality. Equipped with a basket capable of holding up to 10 kg of laundry, this washing machine is able to update itself daily, thus expanding the washing functions day after day, as well as receiving continuous updates on the status of running programs through the connection with the Hoover Wizard app. The manufacturer also guarantees this product for 10 years, and among its features we also find a reduction in vibrations and noises during the washing and spinning phase.


How to choose the washing machine

To make the best purchase of a washing machine you need to be able to recognize which of the main features available is the one that is considered most important, and therefore able to influence the 'purchase. Obviously, these are always features that sometimes differ slightly from one model to another, but the same happens to your needs, which also include the economic value, because as often happens to have a top-of-the-range product it is necessary to get to important figures. Basically, the characteristics to look for are:

Dimensions Load capacity Energy class Safety Noise Rpm Programs


It might seem trivial but dimensions are one of the most important factors for the choice of such an appliance, since you do not always have a dedicated room as a laundry room and therefore you have to place the washing machine in other rooms. Normally washing machines vary in size according to the width of the loading basket which involves an increase in the overall dimensions, but very often it also depends on the type of opening if it is front (the most common) or from above, able to considerably reduce the spaces.

Load Capacity

As mentioned before, this factor also partly determines the dimensions. Normally the smallest washing machines start from a basket of just 3.5kg but these are solutions designed for those who live alone or with a lot of dirty clothes much less than that which can generate a family of 4, which will need at least the 9kg versions. There are also models capable of exceeding 15kg of load, but they are options that in terms of size and cost are found in places that are not exactly ordinary, such as professional laundries or communities.

The energy class

Obviously this is among the most important features, in fact saving on the initial purchase does not always mean making a bargain, especially when the first bills arrive. So always pay attention to choose products that are around or at least the energy class A +++ because they are optimized to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. Our advice is therefore to always check the Class, remembering that it moves on a scale where A +++ is the maximum while G is the minimum, not recommended if you buy new products.


Another fundamental point in choosing a washing machine is the care in safety, both for the little ones and for adults. The basket lock is a function now present in almost every device, but there are still some models on the market that are not even equipped with anti-opening systems for the situations in which they are off, and we strongly advise against those models.


Of course we all have the memory of grandma's or mother's washing machine that made an incredible noise at the moment of the spin cycle, arriving due to the vibrations, not being able to have anything placed on it over. Forget these bad thoughts, today washing machines have improved enormously in this respect, certainly a minimum of noise is generated, but thanks to the use of special internal technologies, vibrations have been significantly reduced. In fact, there are models that are able to reach just 70dB in the spin phase, so we advise you to take this factor into consideration when purchasing.

Revolutions per minute

Spin, that function necessary for each wash and which involves the greatest problems in the choice. Obviously, to calculate the effectiveness of a cycle in addition to the engine power, it is necessary to know the maximum speed that the device is able to reach, which is expressed in revolutions per minute. The higher this value is, the better the results obtained in terms of drying quality of the laundry, but it also involves a possible increase in noise. In some models it is possible to set a maximum number of revolutions per minute to be carried out during the spin cycle, but the minimum we would like to recommend is at least 800 g / m.


Let's conclude this small guide on the essential factors for buying a washing machine with programs. Naively one might think that a limited number of them are needed to be able to carry out the normal washing phases, but this is not the case. Many washing machines include in their programming many cycles for special fabrics, for certain types of garments and many that instead differ in the time needed to finish them. With the arrival of innovative Smart technologies, and digital washing machines, it was then possible to start programming the various types of washing through the smartphone, so as to no longer have a slew of programs that are not used.

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