Trimmers | The best of 2022

Trimmers | The best of 2022

As garden owners well know, spring forces you to dedicate part of your free time to the care of green areas, so that they remain clean, tidy and beautiful to look at. In this regard, we have already reported the best lawn mowers, or machines designed to cut grass in a simple and fast way, with the aim of minimizing fatigue. While lawnmowers will satisfy most people, as well as fit the vast majority of gardens, they may not be entirely effective for those looking for perfection, cutting and fine-tuning garden edges as well, and here it is. edge trimmers come to our aid.

Read also: Lawn mowers | The best of 2022 Before talking about the latter, it must be said that the lawnmower remains the main tool for removing the grass, leaving the trimmer only the task of adjusting the edges of the garden, where a lawnmower may not be ideal due to the its size and shape. That said, lawn trimmers and lawnmowers have a lot in common, since there are both petrol, power and battery solutions for both. If you have read our guide dedicated to the best lawnmowers, you already know the advantages and disadvantages of each. In any case, in the second part of this article we will return to the subject, advising you which type of edge trimmer to buy according to your needs, leaving you below the list containing those that are, in our opinion, the best edge trimmers.

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