Trigun Stampede: the new trailer reveals the cast and launch window

Trigun Stampede: the new trailer reveals the cast and launch window

Trigun Stampede

TOHO and CG Orange studio have released a second trailer for the anime Trigun Stampede. The video reveals 3 other cast members, production staff, and the series launch window. And there are also new visuals for the series!

Trigun Stampede: the production staff

Takehiko Okishi is the author of the story, while Tatsurō Inamoto, Shin Okashima and Yoshihisa Ueda are writing the scripts and are responsible for the overall composition of the series. Nao Ootsu is the lead designer and the character designers include Kōdai Watanabe, Tetsurō Moronuki, Takahiko Abiru, Akiko Satō, Soji Ninomiya, and Yumihiko Amano. The soundtrack is entrusted to Tatsuya Katō.

Other staff members are:

Creature Design: Eiji Yamamori

Special Effects Design: Kiyotaka Oshiyama

Chief CG Director: Eiji Inomoto

Artistic Director of Visual Effects: Kensuke Yamamoto, Taishi Hayakawa

Colors: Ken Hashimoto

Artistic Director: Yuji Kaneko

Layout: Hiroshi Saito

Director of photography: Takashi Aoki, Ryudai Koshida

Editing: Daisuke Imai

Recording mixer: Takahiro Fujishima

Sound editor: Masatoshi Katsumata

Kenji Mutou (Beastars storyboarder) will direct the anime at Orange studio. Kouji Tajima is the concept designer, also of the characters.

Trigun Stampede: the cast and the new posters

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in the role of Vash the Stampede

Junya Ikeda in the role of Knives Millions

Tomoyo Kurosawa in the role of the young Vash

Yumiri Hanamori in the role of the young Knives Millions

Maaya Sakamoto in the role of Rem Saverem

Here are the new visual art for the series:

Crunchyroll will stream the series starting January 2023 worldwide excluding Asia. The original Madhouse TV anime ran for 26 episodes in 1998.

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Trigun Stampede Trailer Gives More Vash & a Premiere Date


Normally, we wouldn’t be so sure of a Trigun remake. But considering Trigun Stampede is in the hands of studio Orange? We are on board.

Published on October 15, 2022 Cameron Waldrop

If you’re a fan of the iconic anime Trigun, then you should be keeping an eye on Trigun Stampede. This new anime technically isn’t new, it’s a 3DCG remake of the manga by Yasuhiro Nightow and will retell the story of Vash. If you haven’t heard of it before now and the idea of a 3DCG remake of Trigun has you a little on edge, watch the newly released second trailer. There’s a good chance this might change your mind.

Trigun Stampede comes from the expert 3DCG studio Orange who has also done every season of Beastars as well as the Land of the Lustrous anime. This new trailer gives us a premiere date of January 2023, but it isn’t any more specific than that.

You can see the second trailer below. We’ll admit, it’s a little weird seeing Vash look so…modern.

If you perhaps need a little more convincing, you can find the very first trailer below. It was first uploaded to the Toho Animation YouTube channel three months ago.

For those who need a little refresher on the plot, Crunchyroll summarizes the original Trigun as:

Vash the Stampede is a wanted gunslinger with a habit of turning entire towns into rubble. His path of destruction reaches across the wastelands of a desert planet. Oddly enough, for such an infamous outlaw, there’s no proof he’s ever taken a life. In fact, he’s a pacifist who’s more doofus than desperado. There’s definitely a whole lot more to Vash than his reputation lets on.

January 2023 is proving to be pretty crowded with anime premieres, as we got word earlier this month that the second season of By the Grace of the Gods will be coming out then as well.

Featured Image Source: Orange.

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