The most disappointing endings in video game history

The most disappointing endings in video game history

What could be better than getting to the end of a long, tiring and above all dangerous adventure, and enjoying a satisfying ending? Well many things according to some developers, given that in the course of the history of video games not all epilogues have succeeded with the hole.

Indeed, in some cases the holes have been more than anything else in the water because they offered some disappointing conclusions that left a bad taste in the mouth of poor gamers.

Get ready for loads of spoilers then, because we decided to list 7 disappointing endings that just didn't go down, and that inevitably made us exclaim "Well? Is that all?".

Mass Effect 3

The "smooth" ending of Mass Effect 3 is anything but epic Let's start with a bang, but also with a clarification: the author of this article he loves the Mass Effect trilogy almost as much as Professor Guidobaldo Maria Riccardelli worshiped The Kotiomkin battleship, which is why putting the third chapter of the Bioware saga in this list was a real pain.

For the record. we also specify that we ref we are at the "smooth" ending of Commander Shepard's last effort, the one on which the Extended cut then tried to put a piece in the corner. Dozens of brave comrades dead in action, hundreds of epic battles, thousands of slain Reapers, incalculable dangers faced ... and all to get to choose between Destruction, Control and Synthesis, in a triptych of decisions in which each road does not seem to really stand out on the other.

The supreme sacrifice of Shepard who has everything in his hands even if it were Bruce Willis in Armageddon would perhaps have deserved greater attention from the writers, especially for the furrow that this legendary space epic has been able to trace in the videogame firmament.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor climax is anticlimactic Can you imagine anything more epic than a fight at the last blood with Sauron? Mind you, we are talking about the villain par excellence, the fantasy black figure par excellence, the most enemy enemy ever.

All the kilometers traveled in the adventure, all our efforts converge in this memorable duel which, however, developers have seen good to solve how? With quick time events!

It's true, more than with the actual ending (however revisable) in The Shadow of Mordor we have it with the climax, with that moment that should sum up all the essence of the journey that we have faced up to that moment and which unfortunately fails in its intent.

It is an excellent title and it would be ungenerous to reject it only for its questionable closure, however the conclusion of the work developed by Monolith Productions is the least adrenaline-pumping one can conceive in a video game, a hasty and hasty solution that irremediably stains the general experience.

Ghosts'n Goblins

The ending of Ghosts' n Goblins is among the cruelest in history Ok, here we are in the field of pure and simple sadism. Assuming that Ghosts'n Goblins represents one of the most atrocious divine punishments for us poor gamers, at the bottom one expects not so much to enjoy a pyrotechnic ending (it was still 1985), but at least not to be made fun of. And instead ...

In Sir Arthur's fragile armor, we come in front of the bad guy on duty after having crossed levels of a difficulty that to define insane is to do her a favor; we slap him without many compliments and we prepare to receive the coveted reward, too bad that ... a ruthless written informs us that it is all an illusion and that to see the real ending we have to start the game all over again, to reach a level of higher difficulty.

It goes without saying that it was an enterprise beyond the boundaries of the human in the era of arcades, especially in a cabinet that is already very greedy for every one of our sweaty pocket money.

Fable II

The choice that Fable II puts us in the end has the absurd For years the videogame public, especially the old one, has dreamed of introducing choices that could to unmark video games from a linearity that is at times too limiting. To the delight of many, the chance to decide has finally arrived but Fable II has decided to make the worst use of it.

At the end of his odyssey, our protagonist is literally faced with the evil Lucien Fairfax, in a face to face that manages to be less exciting than a job interview these days.

Once we have the better of the scoundrel, the game presents us with a choice that redefines the boundaries of non-sense : to see all the people who died during the adventure resurrect, to allow our family members to come back to life or to be rewarded with an amount of gold that half would be enough.

But why? Emotional transport: zero. Narrative value: below zero. Just a question thrown there just to give us the illusion of being able to decide something; we hope that the Playground Games team will be able to make people forget this mess with their new Fable.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - The Sith Lords was a big game undermined by an ending that to define hasty was an understatement If at the end of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords there had been a sign saying "Sorry, we were in a hurry to exit the game, look for the ending inside yourself ", would have been a more dignified choice than the conclusion that the developers have stuck at the end of the adventure.

The sequel to the legendary KOTOR is a more than valid title, which makes the alignment to the Dark or Light Side its flagship, but whose epilogue has passed under the cleaver of Electronic Arts, eager to commercialize the game by Christmas 2004.

A hurry bad adviser who translates into an ending in which we witness simpl ice to the summary of our decisions made during the adventure and what they will entail, as if to say "Here's what you have done. Are not you ashamed? Hello ". Credits.

A brand like Star Wars would have deserved much more treatment, but you know: when Christmas comes, it arrives.

Super Mario Bros. 2

The conclusion of Super Mario Bros. 2 made your arms fall More than disappointing, the ending of Super Mario Bros. 2 is tender because it recalls the typical gimmick that we all used at least once in elementary school, when the teacher assigned us the task of inventing and writing a story.

A thousand ups and downs, mysteries and calamities and then how did it all resolve? It was just a dream! How sad. But even more sad is the fact that to have adopted this trick are developers who have not found a better idea to conclude their work.

By choosing one of the four characters available from time to time among Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach we make our way through the Earth of Dreams until you get to the presence of King Wart, an anthropom frog orfa guilty of having cursed this enchanted land.

We defeat him to the sound of vegetables, and we are ready to receive the deserved acclamation as the evil ruler is exposed as a hunting trophy, but here we see Mario in bed that she's dreaming about the whole scene.

Ah, that's how the teacher must have felt reading our little thoughts.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

The Sniper ending: Ghost Warrior is incommentable because it simply doesn't exist! One moment you're there, and the next you're gone: a motto that the development team behind Sniper: Ghost Warrior has decided to take literally all the way.

In the title of City Interactive we have the task of helping the rebels of a fictitious nation to overthrow the government that has imposed itself through a coup d'état. To do this, we will be able to rely on our dear sniper rifle, as anxious as we are to take out the militiamen in one shot.

And it is in one shot that the game ends: with a thousand thousand meter bullet placed on the forehead of the despotic general Vasquez, we find ourselves in an instant in front of a disarming black screen that can tell us nothing but "The end". Finished. Everybody at home. There is nothing else.

The real show must have been the face of the gamers.

And you? What are the endings that have disappointed you the most? Have your say in the comments and also let us know if you would like a "part 2" of this ranking.

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