Sports Podcaster: what does he do and how to make money on it


Thanks to the development of technology, new specialties are constantly emerging. Today we will tell you about one of them. Who is a sports podcaster? This is a person who records podcasts – special audio programs on particular topics that can be downloaded or listened to online.


Today we will examine who it is and, as in any profession no matter if it's a hotel business or rental service offering various hiring options like SUV car rental, several tips will help you to succeed. What is more, listening to entertainment podcasts is an excellent way to kill time during long journeys on hired cars.

So what do you need to create a sports podcast?


Where to start and what will newbies need in podcasting? The first thing you need to think about is what you want to talk about, and who to interview. And the most important thing is whether it will be interesting to your potential listeners. If you already have a certain strategy, you can get down to business. If not, you can get training in the profession of "podcaster", which is now held in many online universities.


Then select the appropriate equipment. There are several options for how to equip your workplace. This may be either Computer + microphone + external sound card or mixing console or portable sound studio. You need to take care of the good monitor and comfortable headphones as well.



How to make money on sports podcasts


There are two ways to generate income from creating podcasts – advertisers or listeners pay the money. According to research, users are loyal to advertising inside podcasts. Since listening is combined with other activities, integrations are not squandered.


You can also create branded podcasts on a turnkey basis. That is, the entire podcast is recorded for the sake of promoting the customer company.


However, many advertisers are wary of podcasts. Therefore, difficulties may arise with obtaining income, especially at the initial stage. At first, you will have to look for customers yourself, and convince them of the expediency of advertising. This is especially true for beginners who have less than 10-20 thousand auditions. But advertisers can already come to popular podcasters themselves.


There is an opportunity to earn income by financing from the listeners. To do this, special platforms are used, through which people can subscribe to a podcast for a fee. Usually, in return, users are given certain bonuses: merch, additional content, gifts, etc.


Useful tips for novice podcasters

What do you need to know when you start creating podcasts? We will share some important recommendations from experienced sports podcasters:


     Good preparation

For example, when preparing for an interview, you should get an opinion about the interlocutor from other sources in advance. You need to come up with an interesting topic that will be useful to listeners and write an approximate scenario with a plan of questions.


     Competent packaging

The most important thing is to come up with a good headline, as it is necessary to attract a person's attention in just 1-2 seconds. A text preview with a link to the podcast is also of great importance: you need to highlight the main thoughts.


     Think about promotion

The podcast market has great potential. A beginner needs to make sure that his blog enters the TOP so that the number of auditions will increase significantly. To achieve this, you need to get ratings and feedback from the audience and advertise podcasts through social networks and in other ways.


     Avoid popular mistakes

Boring presenter. Podcasts are supposed to have close contact with the listener, so the charisma of the person who conducts it plays an important role.

The expectation is that listeners will independently evaluate the issue. The problem is that people do not want to make unnecessary gestures, so you should find a support group among your friends in advance. This is especially important at the beginning of a podcaster's career.


The irregularity of releases. When a person subscribes to a podcast, they expect the content to be updated regularly. And if a podcaster disappears for a while, they forget about it - however, this happens everywhere.

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