Renault 4EVER Trophy, the concept unveiled at the Paris Motor Show

Renault 4EVER Trophy, the concept unveiled at the Paris Motor Show

Renault 4EVER Trophy

Renault looks to the future and is no longer joking when it comes to Renaulution: the latest novelty is the Renault 4EVER Trophy concept, unveiled in preview at the Paris Motor Show currently underway. After unveiling the Dacia Manifesto concept a few weeks ago, Renault returns to show a 100% electric vehicle with a retro style and an adventurous soul, thanks to the special set-up dedicated to the world of rallying.

It goes without saying that the definitive version of the concept shown by Renault will be a B-SUV with considerably more moderate aesthetic characteristics, even if there will be references to the historic Renault 4L: from the shape of the front bumper, passing through the windows from the trapezoidal shape, everything will then be embellished with state-of-the-art components such as the LED matrix headlights with dedicated light signature, door handles flush with the body and video cameras instead of side mirrors.

At the moment we have no information on what the electrical configurations proposed by Renault will be for this model, but we do know that R4 will be built on an elongated version of the CMF-BEV platform, with assembly planned in the factory ElectriCity, in the north of France; on the same platform we will see models such as the new Renault 5, an electric Alpine and the Nissan Micra.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos of the Renault 4EVER Trophy concept taken by Car Scoops at the Paris Motor Show.

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