Preview, MG4 Electric: the electric sedan for less than 30 thousand euros (without incentives)

Preview, MG4 Electric: the electric sedan for less than 30 thousand euros (without incentives)

Preview, MG4 Electric

The famous British manufacturer MG, now owned by Geely, has officially presented the new MG4 electric sedan for the European market, unveiling a car that promises to be very interesting thanks to a really noteworthy quality / price ratio.

As anticipated in the initial stages, MG4 is available in three versions and with two battery cuts, respectively of 51 and 64 kWh which give 125 and 150 kW maximum power. While the basic variant (51 kWh and 125 kW) known as “Standard” has a price of 29,900 euros, the higher-end “Luxury” version (64 kWh and 150 kW) goes up to 35,990 euros. Finally, there is an intermediate set-up (always 64 kWh and 150 kW) named “Comfort” for 33,900 euros. MG4 Electric is already orderable and available in seven colors: Pebble Black, Dover White, Medal Silver, Andes Gray, Diamond Red, Brighton Blue and Fizzy Orange.

MG4 Electric is a compact size sedan; in fact, the length stops at 4,287 millimeters, with 2,060 millimeters in width and a wheelbase of 2,705 millimeters. The jolts are reduced to the bone allowing, in fact, maneuvers "in a handkerchief" thanks also to the presence of a full-bodied system of good quality cameras, which allow you to move easily and in complete safety. MG4 uses the MSP platform of the SAIC / Motor group and benefits from an extremely compact cell-to-pack battery pack; while the 51 kWh one uses lithium-iron-phosphate components, the 64 kWh one uses nickel-cobalt-manganese. The maximum range, in the WLTP cycle, is respectively 350 and 450 km on a single charge.| ); }
And inside? All versions are equipped with a 10.25 ”main display, well integrated with the dashboard, and a 7” secondary display dedicated to the driver. The operating system is very fluid, feature-rich and good; during our short test we appreciated the endless amount of functions and the possibility of “repeating” some screens directly on the driver's screen. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto lovers will not be disappointed; MG4 Electric is fully compatible with both systems.

The materials of the passenger compartment are of good quality also considering the target and the price of MG4 Electric, with solid solutions made to last over time. Excellent seats, both front and rear, soft and comfortable; the only flaw is the adjustment system, which is electric only on that of the driver. The trunk is average, with 363 liters available and up to 1177 with the seats completely folded down; the shape is regular with a wide and practical access opening.

Unlike other manufacturers who do not specify so clearly the differences between the various set-ups, MG4 Electric changes markedly between one version and another. Note, on the Luxury model, the presence of the heat pump; a really useful accessory to save on consumption in particular conditions.

On the occasion of the press event "The Drive Evolution" we had the opportunity to briefly try a version in the splendid Diamond Red color in the Luxury setting. The driving sensations were excellent from the very first moments; the thrust is measured but adequate, the controls are all within reach and the handling is really interesting.

Thanks to the small volumes and the not excessive overhang, the car appears with a good footprint on the road, with a sincere but geared steering, therefore designed precisely for city use. The set-up consists of a MacPherson layout at the front and a refined five-arm "independent wheels" at the rear; configuration that certifies our excellent driving sensations. The braking system adopts four discs, with a brake-by-wire system and the ability to set up to three response modes: comfort, normal and sport.

As anticipated at the beginning, the technological solutions on board are numerous and, also thanks to the cameras and sensors installed on the perimeter of the car, visibility is excellent in any context. MG4 Electric, like all the most modern electric, boasts of an exhaustive driving assistance package. In the Luxury set-up, in addition to the mandatory equipment required by law, we find Adaptive cruise control, Traffic jam assistance, Lane departure warning and Lane keeping assistance. Finally, there are Blind spot detection, Lane change assist and Rear cross traffic alert. Very interesting systems but which, due to lack of time, we have not yet been able to test thoroughly; we will come back to this point as soon as we have the car available for a longer period.

In conclusion MG4 Electric appears as a decidedly interesting electric sedan that is part of a market segment, at the moment, not particularly rich in options (especially with this kind of set-up). Even in the Luxury declination, MG4 Electric could become an attractive solution for many buyers, taking advantage or not of the incentives.

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