NASA Introduces 5-Minute Fast Charging

NASA Introduces 5-Minute Fast Charging

The charging times of electric cars are considered by many to still be too slow to match the rhythms of our daily life, and it is therefore no coincidence that several companies are engaging in the search for new fast charging methods . In the United States there has recently been a strong push towards the electric transition, complete with President Biden's announcement: all government vehicles will have to be replaced by electric vehicles - within how many years? It is not known, but in the meantime all branches of the US government are working hard to achieve this goal, including NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA has decided to engage in research on fast charging and recently published an article on his blog in which he explores the terms of this research, creating some online discussion: according to what was anticipated by NASA, the charging times of electric cars could be reduced by up to 5 minutes overall, simply cooling the charging cables so that they can carry more current, up to 9 times more than current quantities.

The NASA blog reads as follows:

“First, you have to to put in place a network of charging stations along motorways and main roads, to allow the recharging of electric vehicles. Secondly, the charging time of the individual vehicle must be reduced. At the moment, charging times can vary quite a lot, from 20 minutes at a station along a highway, up to several hours if you use the home charging system. "

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According to NASA's calculations, if applied correctly to the charging stations, this system cooling could allow the transmission of 1400 Amps to the car, so as to allow a complete recharge (or almost) in just 5 minutes; in fact, some of the experiments conducted by the team dedicated to the project have already demonstrated the possibility of reaching 2400 amperes, sufficient to charge a battery in very similar times to those spent at the petrol pump to fill up with fuel.

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