Hair straighteners | The best of 2022

Hair straighteners | The best of 2022

Hair care products have become so many, all extremely different from each other and, last but not least, constantly evolving. Hair dryers, professional dryers, electric brushes, curling irons and hair straighteners are the basis of this world, but it is the latter type of items that we have decided to focus on today; the straightener is a crucial element in styling your hair, as it is among the most used products ever and also among the most versatile, to be easily exploited on multiple types of hair. In this bestof we will show you some of the most valid products on the market, with quite different budgets and functions, from the expensive but exceptional Dyson Corrale, up to the Remington Ketatin Therapy Pro S8590, cheaper but still designed to gently treat frizzy hair and buckets.

Read also: Hairdryer | The best of 2022 The proposals are really many and, in our list, we have decided to embrace different kinds of straighteners, putting at your disposal more classic and easy-to-use items, up to professional straighteners or those characterized by interesting technologies, even for the hair more damaged. We will explain in detail why you should carefully choose your plate and above all what are the precautions to keep an eye on when purchasing, to avoid finding yourself with a product that is not ideal for your needs. There is a lot of information to consider carefully, from the features proposed by the brand and the model that interests you to the frequency with which you intend to take advantage of the article in question.

For this reason, in the course of this article we will not only tell you about the most eligible purchases, and the most convenient from a qualitative point of view, but we will also explain to you on the basis of what to choose: technology, dimensions, optional functions, that is all that can facilitate you in your daily routine or in preparing a hairstyle for a special evening. But, without further ado, let's get into our best of today!

The best hair straighteners

Imetec Bellissima My Pro Steam B28 100 ghd Gold Styler Dyson Corrale Imetec Bellissima Creativity B9 300 Remington Keratin Therapy Pro S8590 Generic photos

Imetec Bellissima My Pro Steam B28 100

* The Imetec Bellissima My Pro Steam B28 100 is characterized by steam technology, perfect for obtaining absolute smoothness and keep your hair perfectly shiny; the plate ensures a long-lasting anti-swelling and anti-frizz effect, moisture-proof! The plates inside the product are coated with ceramic to protect the hair from heat, and you can also choose between 3 adjustable temperature levels: 170 ° C, 200 ° C or 230 ° C! It is an excellent straightener for all hair types: curly, frizzy, brittle or damaged, this Imetec product will know how to ensure an extremely satisfying style.

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ghd Gold Styler

This ghd straightener is equipped with the particular dual-zone technology: that is, it has two thermal sensors instead of one, both designed to control the temperature for optimal styling based on the type of hair he is working on. In addition, the smooth, shaped and tilting blades it is provided, glide through the hair for fast and flawless styling. The automatic sleep mode function is very useful, as it ensures you shut down after 30 minutes of non-use!

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Dyson Corral

The Dyson Corral is undoubtedly one of the most innovative hair straighteners, with the most attractive design and also one of the most expensive ever, not only in our list but also looking at the market in general. It is a first-rate, cordless item designed to create different styles, from wavy to smooth, from classic and voluminous waves, to super trendy beach waves for a more natural look. Without being charged, it can last for about 30 minutes of continuous work, giving you more autonomy than other plates on the market.

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Imetec Bellissima Creativity B9 300

This hair straightener is also designed to obtain straight or wavy hair in a single stroke and is equipped with electronic temperature regulation from a minimum of 15o ° C to a maximum of 230 ° C; the temperature levels are five and the Silk Effect ceramic coating (literally, silk effect) of the internal plates guarantees a homogeneous distribution of heat and adequate protection of the hair. A security in this area and also at a very affordable price and at your fingertips.

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Remington Keratin Therapy Pro S8590

The Remington Keratin Therapy Pro S8590 is part of the new PROluxe line for women who want a long-lasting hairstyle, even for more than a couple of days. The intelligent OPTIheat technology that the products in the range are equipped with fixes hairstyles giving your hair a natural look. This straightener is also characterized by a ceramic coating, the Ultimate Glide, for excellent smoothness on your locks. The integrated digital display will allow you to choose between 9 heat settings up to a maximum of 230 ° C. This Remington product is packed with many useful features: 15-second rapid heating, temperature lock, plate lock, and auto shut-off.

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How to choose the hair straightener?

After having shown you the numerous and valid options available on the market, it is essential to understand closely what are the differences and the characteristics to keep in mind, before buying a hair straightener . The type of straightener, the technology available and the various additional functions are only part of the elements to consider when you are thinking of bringing home a new product for your hair.

The differences between straighteners for hair on the market are really vast and meet the needs of every hair: from frizzy and wavy to smooth and fine, the hair straighteners on the market know how to take care of your hair, you just need to know how to choose them with due care. This is why we have decided to make your work easier, carefully exploring all the available options, so that you can buy a product that can guarantee you the best result!

Is portability important? Dimensions Technology and upholstery Selecting the temperature Can optional functions be useful?

Portability is important

One of the first questions to ask is certainly this: is it a product that I plan to carry with me, even on the go, in my backpack or (if necessary) in my bag? Since this is a product that, in most cases, is common and frequently used for styling one's hair, the answer could be positive. Size and weight, in this case, count a lot: you will have to find a plate with excellent performance but also characterized by extremely small dimensions, this is the perfect combination if you are looking for a model that can take up little space even in your suitcase, while still guaranteeing you excellent results.


The dimensions of a plate are a very important factor that partly approaches the issue of portability but not only. This is because the structure and size of the chosen product must also be considered based on the length of your hair and the type of hairstyles you would like to create. Most of the hair straighteners on the market have a fairly standard size, suitable for medium and medium-long hair but, if you have rather short or layered hair it would be worth looking for a straightener that has a width of about 2.5 cm. Obviously, the situation is the opposite if you have very long hair, therefore you will have to aim for a width of about 5 cm, in order to save a lot of time.

The length is also almost always the same for standard products , but in some models it even reaches 11 cm, to help the straightener work faster and more efficiently on important hair or to create more complicated hairstyles.

Technology and coating

The technology factor is more than decisive in choosing your trusted plate, above all because it is on the basis of this element that you will know if it is a product that can satisfy your needs or not. A good part of the effectiveness derives from the technology that distinguishes the plate. The fundamental point is undoubtedly the coating, or the materials that cover the internal walls of the device, which facilitate a certain hairstyle or a particular treatment of the hair, such as ionization that takes care of frizzy hair, otherwise difficult to straighten.

When we talk about coating, we refer to the material of which the walls of the purchased model are made, the most used types are ceramic, titanium, keratin and other beneficial elements, added to maintain the health of the hair. While the others are designed to give more or less the same effect, and in practice the differences are few, with the addition of optional elements the difference is there. Obviously, looking for this last type, involves a greater expense but also greater safety during your hairstyle. In older models, the walls were not covered with special materials, while in recent years the plates have been designed to prevent the hair from undergoing thermal stress and therefore exert a more delicate action. This is why we tend to use more treated and particular walls.

Now, after having seen the cladding more carefully, let's look at the technologies on the market, or rather the most widespread of the period:

Steam soleplate: Thanks to the special holes, the soleplate delivers steam, similar to an iron. The steam plate is the most delicate on the hair since the steam allows you to hydrate, soften and smooth the hair in depth, for a styling that lasts much longer than those carried out with traditional plates, or rather the older ones. who still roam the market; Infrared plate: In this case, the hair is heated by infrared light, from the inside to the outside, in order to avoid excessive exposure of the hair surface to heat, keeping it healthy and smooth. In case you are looking for this kind of hair straightener, the necessary budget will go up a lot, as it is a new modality on the market; Straightener with ion technology: ionization has become one of the most widespread technologies, not only in straighteners but also in the rest of hair styling products, starting from dryers to electric brushes. In this case the straightener is able to emit particles, negatively charged (ions), which make the hair less "charged" with electricity and avoid the annoying swollen and frizzy effect, typical of old products.

Selecting the temperature

Choosing how and by how much to vary the heat of the plate is one of the most important choices to consider when buying. Also because it is one of the elements that, if not managed in the right way and with the right precautions, can damage the hair very easily. If you do not set the appropriate temperatures, you risk inevitably ruining your hair, not getting the desired hairstyle. The selection of heat is essential for those with particularly thick, curly or naturally wavy hair, so it is much more difficult to manage and tame everything without setting a higher temperature. This is something that must be absolutely avoided when it comes to very fine and fragile hair, or hair already damaged by dyes or bleaching.

The most "complete" plates range over a wide range that goes from about 120-130 ° C up to 200-230 ° C, offering maximum versatility. Other products leave less choice and I propose a vast but smaller range, finally the simpler versions on the market (including those designed for travel) do not allow you to vary the temperature but have a fixed heat, to be reached in about a couple of minutes. .

Can optional functions be useful?

Optional functions are features that can make a difference in your daily use of the hotplate. For example, if it offers you the possibility to use the straightener on wet hair, without damaging it or burning it, or if it allows you to set a period within which it will turn off automatically. These two are among the most sought after on the market, as they are unquestionably the most comfortable and most used ones.

Use on damp or wet hair: some straighteners allow you to start styling already on wet hair or damp, without the need to dry them after shampooing. Care must be taken to check that this function is present (it is usually also indicated in the name of the straightener), because normally the plates without this possibility cannot be used on wet hair. Automatic temperature control: as we have already seen in the paragraph dedicated to the temperature factor, some hair straighteners include this function, which automatically detects and sets the right level of heat; Auto-off: some models provide for the possibility of turning off by themselves, after a period of inactivity which can vary from 20 to 60 minutes. This possibility appears particularly useful to avoid wasting electricity, but also to not leave the plate running and risk causing accidents Fast heating: this function belongs to different hair straighteners, starting from those of medium level, and consists of fast (or, in some cases, super-fast!) reaching of the desired temperature, in order to significantly reduce the waiting times for using the product. This warm-up period can be a couple of minutes, reduced to one in the slightly more advanced models and to 30 or just 15 seconds in the top-of-the-range models LCD display: even if it does not represent a real function, the presence of a small screen which, in some cases is also in color and backlit, certainly makes the use of the plate and the selection and display of the temperature settings very comfortable and clear.

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