God of War TV Series: 5 Perfect Actors for Kratos

God of War TV Series: 5 Perfect Actors for Kratos

God of War TV Series

2022 is a very hot year for the god of war. God of War Ragnarok is now in the pipeline, but it should not be forgotten that Sony has another gift in store for fans: a live-action TV series, created by Amazon Prime Video in collaboration with Playstation Productions and Sony Pictures Television.

Since the announcement arrived in spring we have not heard anything new, but inevitably the toto-Kratos has already started. Who could be the right interpreter to dress in the gaunt robes of our favorite Spartan?

Dave Bautista's name has already bounced around the web a few months ago, with the former wrestler saying he was anything but contrary to the idea. But aside from him, here are 5 other actors who are perfect for Kratos in the God of War TV series.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler has already taken on the role of a Spartan in 300 The Square Jaw and the granite grin of Gerard Butler could really give us great satisfaction if dressed up with the iconic pointed beard of Kratos.

The British actor famous for the Attack on Power trilogy and, let us quote him, for the forgettable That I know about Gabriele Muccino's love, he has already socialized with the Spartan environment thanks to 300, an element that could play both in favor and against his engagement.

If his Leonidas in fact shares with Kratos the irascible character and the tingling in the hands felt during an argument, it is undeniable that the character could almost appear as a sort of duplicate in the career of the interpreter of Private Justice.

We have already admired Butler in the guise of a or intractable Spartan and, from this point of view, the result is guaranteed, but, precisely for this reason, are we sure it is the best choice?

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is one of the most chameleonic actors ever when it comes to working on your body. Tom Hardy is definitely one that is impossible to ignore. The muscular metamorphoses shown in films such as The Dark Knight Returns and Warrior demonstrate how the London actor is more than at ease in roles characterized by a marked physicality.

We are talking about a multifaceted performer who ranges from shrewd and elegant characters as in Inception to visceral and rough interpretations as in the case of his John Fitzgerald in Revenant, and who makes acting variety the fil rouge of his career. Seeing him sporting his biceps and Kratos' mythical red tattoo could really be the icing on the cake. For him and for us of course.

Jason Momoa

Would Jason Momoa agree to shave off to play Kratos? Muscles, bulk, the look of someone who is about to make a massacre at any moment ... if he also agrees to shave his hair to zero, Jason Momoa could have all the characteristics in the right place to claim the Blades of Chaos. br>
Among figures such as Aquaman, Conan the barbarian and Khal Drogo, the curriculum of the actor originally from Honolulu communicates a great emphasis on the use of the physicist as a means of interpretation, a factor that clearly compares him to the Phantom of Sparta .

However, Momoa's ace in the hole is represented by that constant hard expression and that gloomy look that is also typical of Kratos: the gaze of someone you don't know if he's thinking about who to line up on the next day of Fantasy football or the hypothesis of disintegrating the room he is in.

Karl Urban

How would you see Karl Urban as Kratos? Another performer who never seems to be able to give up his perpetually angry air is undoubtedly Karl Urban.

The actor born and raised in New Zealand and rose to international prominence for having lent his face to Eomer in Il Lord of the Rings, could be anything but out of place in Kratos' clothing; a hypothesis that deserves to be considered in light of the great success of the character who definitively consecrated him: William Butcher in The Boys.

The leader of the ramshackle band of superhero hunters is in fact a hasty figure, accustomed to solving things with bad things and then asking questions, and who in some ways reminds you of that Greek Kratos who first beats hard and then (perhaps) addresses two words to you. In short, he does not lack the physique du rôle, and the attitude of a hero pissed off with the world, either. Does it seem little to you? It already seems like a lot to us.

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge is already Kratos' voice What if we had the solution at home? Of all the actors we have mentioned on this wish list, Christopher Judge is in fact the one who shares one of the most important elements with Kratos: the voice. And let's not say so much.

Judge is in fact the voice actor of our beloved god of war in his Norse adventure dated 2018 and he will also be so in the sequel arriving on November 9, 2022. So opt for the Los Angeles actor , who also appeared in The Dark Knight Rises and Stargate, among other things, would really mean having Kratos on screen, with all the vocal nuances we've come to appreciate so far, pad in hand.

But apart from the voice ? Well it's true, unfortunately Christopher Judge is now closer to sixty than fifty, but he is a Marcantonio of almost five feet, with that enigmatic face of someone who would be as ready to caress you as to crush your bones; an interpreter for whom the figure of the Spartan would fit perfectly.

It would certainly represent a choice in contrast with the canonical image of Kratos that we all know, however this aspect does not seem to be a problem for production companies, just think to the controversial choice of Bella Ramsey to play Ellie in the tv series The Last of Us coming in 2023.

What do you think? Who do you think would be the perfect actor to bring Kratos on TV? Tell us yours in the comments.

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