Dumbbells and weights for home training | The best 2022

Dumbbells and weights for home training | The best 2022

There are many items that can be used with enormous frequency during your training, starting from the classic mat up to more specific and professional tools to be used at home, or directly in your trusted gym. Among the many proposals to be evaluated on the web there are undoubtedly dumbbells or gym weights, among the most used products ever by those who train frequently and want to define their body in an obvious way. These are tools that, based on the extent of their weight, can be used both by those who have just started training and by those who are more experienced and can aim for particularly heavy dumbbells. Obviously, there are many different types and price ranges, to be evaluated based on your level of training and strength to avoid excessive effort and getting hurt for a product that is not suitable for your body.

Read also: Fitness mats | The best of 2022 The lightest gym dumbbells range from less than 1kg up to about 5kg and are the most correct proposal for those who are starting to train and want to define themselves, without risking injuries or suffering annoying jerks. The others, from 10kg upwards, are recommended for those who are already trained, have extensive experience with lower weight dumbbells and want to take a next step in their physical activity. Aiming for products that allow you to decide the load during training, for example, can be an interesting choice, especially if you are thinking of using the dumbbells consistently over time, to increase the weight and intensity of your exercises.

So, to choose the right dumbbells for your training it is good to start with light weights and only then increase. In our guide, we will mention some of the most valid products that you can find on the market and we will also explain how to evaluate the purchase. In addition to the weight and your degree of training, the characteristics to be observed to choose the best tools according to your needs are various and with this article we will help you understand them in detail.

The best dumbbells and Weights for home training

Arteesol Dumbbell Set Arteesol Neoprene Dumbbell Set Sportstech AH300 2in1 Homcom Weight Set Bowflex SelectTech Set

Arteesol Dumbbell Set

This set with 2 short dumbbells is equipped of a 100 cm long connecting bar, so that the handlebar can also be easily converted into a barbell. Obviously these are adjustable weights, specially designed for fitness professionals and meet the needs of bodybuilding and muscle strengthening. The discs that come with the set are also of high quality and durable, with plates made of solid cast iron and a fire-enameled, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant surface for extended use. In addition, the handlebars are characterized by an anti-slip and knurled design, capable of significantly improving friction and ensuring a firmer, safer and more comfortable grip. For this they are easier to use than normal short dumbbells. Last but not least, they are very easy to assemble thanks to the anti-loosening rubber ring shape and the nut that firmly locks the handlebar, avoiding the risk of the discs falling.


Arteesol Neoprene Dumbbells

These gym weights covered in non-slip neoprene use a hexagonal structure that makes them more stable, ensuring maximum comfort during use and protecting the floor from damage. Arteesol short dumbbells can train the whole body from classic lifts to squats. This set of dumbbells is supplied with the weight indication and the color code on each cap for quick identification, as each shade is linked to a different weight from 1 kg to 10 kg. The handlebars in question are small and extremely comfortable to carry in their box, ideal even for the most limited spaces.


Sportstech AH300 2in1 Set

This set is the perfect opportunity for you in case you are undecided whether to aim for the purchase of a barbell or simple dumbbells. By taking these multifunctional products home, you can use them both ways, taking advantage of an unlimited section of strength exercises for effective and safe training. Obviously, you can easily transform the two dumbbells into a barbell with simple and few movements, adapting the set to your individual training plan and also saving in a double investment if you want both types. The discs at your disposal are made of high quality iron, sturdy, designed to last and obviously old school style. In addition, you will have the security of a firm grip thanks to the rod covered with a non-slip material, for a strong hold throughout the workout. You can attach the discs to the handlebar bar in total safety thanks to a star closure, which prevents them from loosening during exercise. Last but not least, the bars have a standard size of 30 mm in diameter and therefore can also be combined with other discs. To ensure maximum protection, you can also cover the weights with removable silicone covers, able to protect the discs and surfaces from scratches.


Homcom weight set

With this set of gym dumbbells you can do a total body workout directly at home and, not less important, you can decide the intensity of the workout based on the weight applied. The plastic discs that come with the set are ideal for avoiding scratching the floor or other surfaces on which you decide to place the handlebars, making them perfect for your home. The 2 bars are made of resistant steel, to better support the discs and, thanks to the non-slip knurled handle, you can train in total safety using the special disc locks.


Bowflex SelectTech Set

In this case it is a single variable load handlebar that replaces 15 dumbbells of different weights. The design with which it is characterized is not only extremely comfortable, perfect for you to carry out exercises of various kinds and save space at home, thanks to the dimensions of 40 x 20 x 23 cm. The handlebar can be adjusted from 2 to 24 kg and uses an excellent high-quality ergonomic non-slip grip, able to ensure a stable and secure grip. Thanks to the wide range of weights available you can perform lunges, curls and lifts in maximum comfort and the metal plates coated with high quality plastic also ensure a super quiet workout.


How to choose the perfect dumbbells?

There are two main dumbbells, as we have also seen in our guide: those with short rods and integrated weights or those to which discs can be added or decreased to manage the amount of weight to be lifted, with a much higher cost. Obviously, as we mentioned in the introduction and within the description of the various products in the article, there are really different types of gym dumbbells, to be used for different exercises and for various areas of the body. In this section. we will explain how to evaluate the type, weight and materials of the dumbbells we have proposed in order to buy the best tool for your needs.

How are gym dumbbells made?

As we have already mentioned in the short introduction dedicated to this section, they can be divided into gym weights between those with integrated weight and those with accessory weight. Now we will describe in detail the difference between the two, specifying which use you can make of them and which exercises are favored by one type or the other.

Fixed dumbbells

Dumbbells that use integrated weights , consequently fixed and impossible to modify or change in any way, they are extremely comfortable and also quite widespread. Usually, to meet more needs for exercises to be carried out, these are sets that have dumbbells of different weights, that is, from the lightest and suitable for beginners to those more complicated to manage by those who are not already well trained. On the market you can find really different shapes, even the most unthinkable. You can choose between articles with a rectangular shape, others with a square or even hexagonal shape but in principle the advantage of any non-round shape and that it allows it not to roll on the floor.

But what's the point in favor of this type of product? First of all it is undoubtedly easier to manage even for those who are new to weightlifting. In addition, these are handlebars that are extremely comfortable to use, even when they exceed 10 or 20 kg, also because they completely avoid the possibility that the discs come off and fall to the ground. Just being so comfortable, they are also ideal for those who perform exercises at speed. Articles with accessory weights, although they may be professional and multifunctional, are not suitable for fast movements and particularly rapid exercises as they can more easily unbalance you. On the other hand, however, it must be said that, unless you plan to buy a set with even very heavy dumbbells, over time you will be forced to buy new weights as your muscle mass increases. By purchasing a set with 10 kg weights, you will undoubtedly be fine for a while. The fact remains that in principle, these are products that are less versatile and that, once the mass is increased, they will tend to be useless. Especially when it comes to very light weights.

Adjustable dumbbells

The other option is obviously designed for those who intend to buy a product to be exploited for a long time and which is very versatile . In these cases the weights consist of a metal bar, which in very good products is made of steel and maybe even coated with an anti-slip material, to which you can decide to attach discs of various weights. Also in this case the options are many: the discs can be made and coated in different materials, for example some items designed specifically for domestic use are covered in such a way as to be not very abrasive even when they come into contact in a rather violent way with a surface or maybe with the floor. It is a type of handlebar recommended to increase your muscle mass extremely quickly, being able to change the discs to be used during your training frequently. Generally these are sets with numerous weights that can be integrated but, of course, you can add as many as you want at a later time.

Not only are they particularly versatile items, as you have well understood, but they also have great advantage is the ability to increase and decrease the weight according to your level of training. Therefore an ideal option for anyone who wants to carry out personalized exercises, to define their body to the best of their ability, while still saving a lot of space in their own home. In addition, to customize your training even more and take a next step, you can also consider purchasing a barbell to make your physical activity even more professional. Obviously in case you have the space inside a special room.

How much do the dumbbells weigh?

Let's move on to information that we have already talked about in the previous section but which obviously deserves an entirely dedicated paragraph. We are talking about the weight that not only varies according to the type of product, whether it is a handlebar with integrated weight or with cast iron discs to be added, but also according to the type of training you plan to carry out. In addition to this, your muscle mass must also be evaluated and consequently also the degree of exercise you have done up to that moment, as using excessive weights can end up damaging your body due to excessive effort. a feature to be carefully evaluated at the time of purchase, especially if you are a beginner and intend to carry out a training in crescendo. Or, if not, if you are thinking of increasing your already high level of exercises and, consequently, you are aiming for a set that is very professional and that allows you to rely on particularly heavy dumbbells.

By for example, speaking of aerobic training, you should not aim for a weight that exceeds 5 kg while if you do weight lifting and body building the bar rises significantly. For this reason, it is essential to understand the specific use you want to make of it, especially bearing in mind that the integrated dumbbells tend not to exceed a maximum of 25 kg. Finding similar products with a heavier weight is very difficult, so you will need to find and purchase dumbbells with discs to integrate. The expense will tend to rise a bit, but as a result, you can significantly improve your training and mass.

How are dumbbells made?

Inside this guide we have already talked about the variety of types of weights on the market which, among many things, also differ in the materials used which can be more or less dangerous in contact with certain surfaces or with the most delicate floors. Usually when we talk about handlebars with accessory weight, in principle, we are talking about tools that are made of metal with chromed steel discs unlike those with integrated weight which, usually, are made entirely of cast iron. This second material is undoubtedly cheaper than steel and this is also why we are talking about products that cost slightly less and, consequently, require a slightly lower budget. It must be considered that dumbbells with integrated weight are also used differently from those with accessory weight, so they are made differently. In fact, the former are not used to lift weights, a very complex practice that also requires impulses and sometimes bumps from the handlebars and discs on the floor below. However, this does not mean that both materials are extremely reliable, solid and long-lasting. So when choosing the best product for you you should not be particularly influenced by this difference, especially bearing in mind what we have just told you about dumbbells with integrated weight.

In addition, however, there is to evaluate the presence of a possible coating, removable or not, on certain weights that you can find on the market including some that we have also proposed in this list. In fact, some brands add a rubber cover that you can quickly remove and put on the cast iron or steel discs, for example. At the same time, for dumbbells with integrated weight it is even simpler: in this case many create weights protected entirely by a layer of rubber that cannot be removed and that tends to be damaged with a lot of effort. This caution can be essential if you want to be sure that your floor, especially if it is delicate, is damaged in contact with your training equipment.

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