Andor doesn't convince Star Wars fans (but it should)

Andor doesn't convince Star Wars fans (but it should)

When Star Wars was reborn in the serial sector, thanks to Disney +, fans of the franchise found themselves in a new medium with which to renew their passion. Much of the old guard of fans of the distant galaxy had been disappointed by the latest cinematic incarnation of the saga (The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, The Rise of Skywalker), showing that they had a greater affinity with Star's first serial experiment. Wars, The Mandalorian. A new way of understanding one's relationship with this franchise, which has evolved up to the recent Andor, a process of renewal of Star Wars that has gone through several phases and which with the series dedicated to the character played by Diego Luna seems to have touched a critical point, considering that Andor does not convince the fans of Star Wars.

Subscribe now to Disney + at € 8.99 per month or € 89.90 per year This data was provided by Parrot Analytics, a company specialized in this type of analysis on public response, which are built by research in this sense by examining parameters such as online searches, blogs or the digital agora of social media. According to the data collected for Andor, the result is that the latest Star Wars series is the least performing, while the record of appreciation still belongs to the first season of The Mandalorian. One wonders why Andor does not collect the favor of fans, considering that we are faced with a story in which essential moments of the continuity of the saga are told, such as the birth of the Rebellion or the consolidation of the Empire. It is not enough to be set in the Star Wars galaxy to be considered part of the franchise, it is necessary to preserve a specific spirit of the saga that for some fans is fundamental. And in this respect, the new series seems to want to go in different directions, giving a first reason to the fact that Andor does not convince the fans of the Star Wars saga.

Why the new Star Wars series, Andor, does not convince the fans of the saga?

Star Wars: hope and positivity Does the Star Wars that fans want still exist? Andor breaks the tradition of Star Wars

Star Wars: hope and positivity

Thinking back to what this essential peculiarity of Star Wars could be, you can't have a better interpreter than Dave Filoni. As a hardened fan of the saga to the mind behind some of the most recent declinations of the franchise, Filoni is considered by fans to be one of the fathers of the rebirth of Star Wars, thanks to his work with animated productions that have become cult, such as Clone Wars, or his continuous support for expansion of the Star Wars universe. During the special Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, available on Disney +, Filoni gives a fairly clear opinion on what Star War is and what fans expect:

Star Wars is an adventure that makes you feel good , is full of hope. After all, we all want to be good people, even if we may be forced to do horrible things, but we always try to keep ourselves on a good path "

The Star Wars fans want still exists?

These three series, especially The Mandalorian, they were created with one principle in mind: Star Wars fans want Star Wars back. An express request that prevents, in a certain sense, from being able to shift the narrative fulcrum of the saga towards new dynamics, thus making the narrative setting of the franchise a granite unicum. Although the once expanded universe, now Legends, had tried to show new possibilities for Star Wars, in the collective imagination the grammar of the franchise remained linked to that of the first three films (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Again, The Return of the Jedi) and each subsequent production must confront this cumbersome precedent. A lesson learned painfully in the past, to the point that in giving life to the new serial life of Star Wars, the creation of The Mandalorian took into account two essential aspects: to create a simple story that was immediately traceable to Star Wars. Translated, we give fans what they want, with continuous quotes and easter eggs. This choice created a precedent, leading fans of the saga to see in The Mandalorian the new model of serial history of Star Wars, a conservative environment, in which the few innovations introduced are however the offspring of references to other productions of the franchise and in which the new characters do not fail to be modeled on familiar figures.

Andor breaks the tradition of Star Wars

Even before Andor, we need to turn our gaze to Rogue One. the film directed by Gareth Edward, based on a screenplay by Tony Gilroy, who returns not by chance as Andor's showrunner. Rogue One is a war movie, it does not show the positive side of Star Wars, but it lets the dark side of the Rebellion emerge, it deprives the saga of its patina of absolute heroism, letting out an ethical and moral depth that is difficult to find in the other productions of the franchise. The choice to tell the most dramatic moment of the continuity of Star Wars, letting the less noble side of the Rebellion emerge, the 'good ones' par excellence, has caught the fans of the saga off guard, who now have to return to this mood with Andor. br>
A profoundly different emotional climate, less heroic and much more concrete. There are no Jedi to represent a traditional heroism, the Force is mentioned as a legacy of the past, everything is now placed within the obscurantism imposed by the Rise of the Empire. A moment never fully told in the franchise, which coincides with a necessary expansion of narrative times, necessary both to build the emotional dimension of the characters and to allow us to present this changing galactic society. To discourage viewers accustomed to the dynamic pace of Star Wars, this change of narrative pitch is alien to their perception of what a Star Wars story should be, leading them to lose interest in Cassian Andor's story of the past.

(L-R): Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard) and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) in Lucasfilm's ANDOR, exclusively on Disney +. ..2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. This lukewarm reception seems unfair for a series that is demonstrating how the complexity of Star Wars can also be revealed through different shades of this immense galaxy, going beyond the established limits of a franchise that seems to struggle to find a new identity that is not a mere repetition. the same tropes and to involve viewers more on the citation level than on the emotional one.

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